growing outside in texas

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dinamikz, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. This will be my first time growing outside just wondering if anyone had any advice for growing in my area.
  2. plant in mid june for 4 foot plants, you'll flower on september 21st you'll finish early november
  3. yeah i got advice.. leave texas, its not worth the 15 years in jail for a plant
  4. Prepare for the heat! Make sure your strain can stand up to 100+ degrees, plus possible drought. This was my main issue last season, and my outdoor attempt ultimately failed. I got some Protek silica this time to help out a bit. Good luck, and happy growing bro!
  5. Thanks! Any suggetsions for good outdoor strains?
  6. thanks for the info

  7. Mexican sativa, which are usually the seeds you find in a bag of regs... When grown with some TLC, it's some damn good smoke!

  8. dirt weed? brick mex weed?
  9. Yeah.
  10. It's how you grow it, not where the seed came from.
  11. I'm going to venture out and say how it was grown and where the seed came from both matter quite a bit. That's not to say you can't find dank bagseeds. It's just more of a gamble. Good luck though. Look into water crystals. Burry a large pot or plastic liner to retain water. The silica is a good idea and so is rock dust. Other than that plants can handle the heat as long as they are hydrated. Just make sure they get lots of water and good soil.
  12. I love this stuff. Mexican weed is some of the finest. Long growing season, beautiful weather, fertile soils, and excellent sativa strains is what makes their stuff so sublime. Great choice, LHL. Eldorado is another good outdoor sativa strain to try. Good smoke.

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