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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Thegumpboy, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. so I want to start growing outside and I have the land to do it but I'm worried about the smell of the plants getting to the neighbors and stuff. Does anybody know how to I guess conceal the smell of the plants good enough to where you won't smell until you're walking up on it? Also, is buying seeds online safe? Thanks for your feedback
  2. Buying seeds is safe

    buy from a popular site and local is best

    seeds are legal in the UK

    and have the largest range

    I use lawn clippings and compost to conceal my grows stinks

    and works well, as a bonus I have a heap of great compost

    as such I grow organic, and love it

    good luck
  3. theyre gonna smell and thats for sure...if it isnt legal in your state dont grow it outside. im in cali, its legal.....these fucking thrips are killing me though
  4. depends on size of grow and how far the neighbors are but they will stink especially in the mornings when the plant gives off most odor. a friend of mine would spray BT on a constant basis. claimed that it would get rid of the smell for days and protect from caterpillars. That compost idea especially if mixed with maneur is def a god way to reduce smell. if your neighbors have kids and/or anal then dont bother wasting time and money cu theyre gonna get pissed eventually and call the popo. its an intense odor. a budy of mine was growing 5 45 gallon plants and literally the whole block smelled. sometimes when Id be driving by his pad, Id smell it at the stop sign 2 blocks away (when windy or mornings). then it would get more intense the closer you got.beautiful smell,too bad not eeryone likes it. i guess if I had kids Id understand
  5. im imagining a mom pissed off from work, arriving to her pad only to get even more pissed when she walks into her skunk smelling room for the 30th time in a row.some people lose it. in colorado/washington neighbors were constantly complaining. id see news reports here n there about it

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