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  1. hey, me n my frend are gona start growing in this large forest a lil ways down the road from my house. its near a road but i go bak there all the time n i dont ever see anybody out there. theres a part where no trees block the sun light and many many small plants that actually look like short weed plants cover the ground where the sun hits directly. we're prolly gona put like 2 seeds in a pot and either put it in a dried up creek bed or amongst the small plants out there. for watering it, i think im just gona take a bottle of water with me and on the way down the road pull off n put my bike there n walk to the plants, water em n leave. this is my first time growing and i wanted to hear sum advice. does this sound gud? leav ya comments n suggestions
  2. The main concerns should be unwanted visitors (both human & animal). Also, don't tell anyone about ur plants...when u can't be around them all the time--shyt happens. good luck.
  3. the best advise i can give is
    1 dont tell no one
    2 be very well organized
    3 look after your plants

    Happy growing and good luck

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