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  1. Hi all
    I'm looking for all info, experience/s you may have of growing out doors in wet, cold damp weather. This is my story. I am a virgin to growing indoors & out. I have a small tent ds90 & a grow pro 260 led light. A friend of mine gave me approx 50 purple haze seeds. I was going to start them in grow tent transplanting them in larger pots maybe 8ltr??? & take them outside to a field near bushes when the are strong enough. I was going to use parolgan bat mix soil for this.
    The only major worry I have is would the helicopter deticate them. I do not have the worry of people passing here. I would be putting approx 6 plants into different bushes/shrubs places.
    Any ideas on strain/seeds/info would be gratefully received and opinions welcomed.
    Happy growing
  2. Supposed to have a good summer this year so make sure they get good sunlight and keep them safe from deer and stuff by using wire mesh

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  3. Thanks for your message. Hope we do get gud summer, it is well & over due. Is there a fear of da helicopter spotting the crop/s on the land?
  4. I don't think the guards even have helicopters xD fuck it be grand don't plant in straight lines cuz that's suspicious as fuck

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  5. Well 2 b honest I was going 2 buy tho's smart dirt pots 12ltr ones & bring them outdoors & hide them between furs, brambles, nettles etc in different locations maybe 4/6 pot in each hide. I like da smart dirt pots as they r breathable, affordable & got handles for carrying . They would be in a good soil mix, pargolen bat mix

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