Growing outdoors in the UK, is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by safeduck, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. So the weather we've been having this week has made me think about wether it's really a good idea to grow outdoors in the UK. I'm one of those people who is always worried something is going to go wrong :(.

    I'm getting ready to grow some speedy gonzales by kannabia, does anyone know if this strain works well outside in the UK?

    Is rain that big of a problem? Can even light shower cause bud rot? What can/should I do if one day it starts throwing it down?

    Every now and then we get nights that are like -2C. Would this sort of temperature kill a plant?

    Here in the UK we tend to get quite a few grey, cloudy days. Will this affect the plant in any way?
  2. Yes. it would kill it. Wait untill the summer, or the end of may... be patient. starting them earlier confuses them ive heard because of the light changes. Wait untill its sunny and thriving weather. When you start to see lots of other plants growing you know its time. Frost is a no-no. Wait until your frost date is over.
  3. well I plan on doing a grow dude in about 20 days
  4. Start indoors and then place them in June when it's sunny hot. Use early strains (Female seeds purple maroc, easy sativa or Barney's LSD etc...). It's not the best weather for growing but if you got mold resistant and fast strains you can grow a lot. Choose a very sunny spot as the Fall nights are cold and rainy and damp in the UK often so it'll need the earliest sun if possible. I know a grower who harvests pounds in the UK.
  5. The weather isn't the problem IMO, the main problem is because the population density is so high compared to places like USA it is so hard to find places where people don't go. Not impossible though. Autos make it much easier - they flower in the summer when the weather is nice, and much easier to hide because they don't grow so big. And then you have your weed when everyone else is dry and can just buy some more to make up for the smaller yield.
  6. Your so right^^^

    You need somewhere that is either so secluded that no one will come across your crop or in a very rich area but still secluded so that if someone does walk near by they will assume the smell is just normal plant flowering and wont be on a hunt to follow the smell and spot a big ol' ganja plant....

    just think if you were walking thru a grassy park with a neighbors dog for instance and you smell some amazing weed hell yes you would scan the area... think logically and it should help.

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