Growing Outdoors in NW Washington.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DefendentOfHate, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. What plant is suitable for this location? ...Im new to the area:) When should I start looking for a place to plant my crop?
  2. u should of been looking for a location..... remember to look for 2 or 3 different location so if they find one u still got 2 letf...
  3. Yeah, I agree, you should have been looking for a spot. Not sure how it is up there but there are so many ways to grow a plant that you can grow them anywhere. Even a tall forest, you can do what early agriculturalists used to do 10,000 years ago. You can cut a ring around the base of a tree killing it. The leaves will fall off and light will shine through to the forest floor below. Record the path of the sun before you do it so that you don't kill any trees that you don't have to because killing trees is of course bad. But I don't think anyone will expect to find plants in a forest.

    You can also just chop the trees down. The reason I said Slash-and-Burn is because the helicopters over here look for plants and they would have a hard time looking through the canopy of even dead trees. Just something they wouldn't expect.

    Another thing I recomend is putting only singles. In a long season, you can get a pound or more off just a single plant while using slow releasing triple 16. Top the plants twice to get at least 4 tops. Besides, they are harder for people to find. You will want to give the plants lots of dirt too. 20 gallots might be good. Sift the dirt to get out rocks and roots. If the forest floor is too wet, you can greate a mound higher than the wet dirt so that it can grow in dryer soil but the roots can still reach wet soil below.
    and make sure you burry the plant deep so that the stem can root out making it more strong when the plant is 8 or 14 feet tall.

    You will get much more out of many singles than a patch. And you don't have to worry as much about people finding them.
  4. I would of looked several months ago, like normal but I *JUST* moved here. And I didnt know anything about the climate/growth patterns of plants around here.
  5. Hey buddy!! You live in WA state? Dude hit me up--I have a perfect growing spot--my backyard IS a forest basically.

    I'll send you a PM.

  6. damn dude i lives in seattle
  7. me too wait no actually shoreline im gona grow for the first time soon just thought youd like to know
  8. i lives in seattle too,

    plant around late april...harvest around september/october
  9. I live in Vancouver, WA... down by Portland, OR.
  10. I live right next to seattle and have just started my first plant in a Guerilla Grow in a local forest if anyone wants to talk thats had an outdoor grow in the NW i would be most thankful
  11. Anyone live in bremerton?

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