growing outdoors in new mexico

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by BongoPeace, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. ok well i live in new mexico and thinking about starting some plants but im worried becuse the days now range from 90 degrees at day adn 60s at night its also very dry here has nayone grown good healthy plants in the desserts and or any tips on growing in desserts thanks :smoking:
  2. Your conditions are similar to mine. I have hot, dry summers.

    Just water every day. MJ can take all the sun you can throw at it, but don´t let the roots get too hot. If you grow in pots wrap them in baking foil.
  3. :smoking: :hello: thanks for the tips spanishfly
  4. Most welcome.
  5. conditions have been similar here. i haven't checked on my plant in over a week in these hot dry conditions. it gets half day sun. should i give it a good amount of water soon?
  6. What the hell do you think?? Do you really have to ask that??? Is the Pope catholic? Do bears shit in the woods??

    God help us all.
  7. lol when i saw these two threads I was just like "uhh what the fuck?" if your plants are drying out, give them water! they get thirsty!

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