Growing IOWA???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by IowaPotHead, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Our summers do get pretty hot. I was just wondering if it's possible? And if it is, what kind of care needs to be taken since it's outdoors and I don't have control over the weather?

  2. u just got to make sure your plants dont get discover.....

    other then that, read grOwer guide in these forum..latezz..
  3. I have never tried doing this. Actually I've done just the opposite because of wet weather and soil but I suggest digging a hole a foot or two down to wetter soil.

    If it's possib;e, you can transport water from a water souce like and irigation ditch or a river. I have never had to try that either but while in Home depo, my friend was showing me how. I guess you use a very small hose and on the source end, to have a pvc with a screen filter. Alse put a box of chicken wire over the top and drill holes in the side of the PVC.

    A plant needs alot of water when budding. The water helps with density of the buds.
  4. Is it possible to grow MJ in Iowa?? Of course it is!! Me and friends have growin outdoor in Iowa. Only one problem we experienced. Some stupid girl found it and destroyed it...sad sad day it was. Anyways...just like 420 Shade said don't get caught and just read up. Anyways...if you have any more ?s send me a private man b/c some of my friends have growin outdoors in Iowa. What area of Iowa you at....north, central, south, east....??? Peace
  5. iowa is beautiful country to grow MJ in. some of the best in the world.
  6. I live in south central. Our summer is only like 3 months though. Is that long enough?
  7. i live north of u and do more than fine.
    like i said, there isnt many better places in the world to grow MJ in the summer time than Iowa.


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