Growing outdoor with Super lem, Holland hope, big bang UK

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  1. Hi guys,
    basically i germinated a bunch of seeds that i got from my previous harvest under the dual 6's and bought 2 hollands hope also which im planning to plant outdoors guerilla style.

    Im still planning how im going to do this so any input would be really appreciated.

    This will be the first time i have grown outdoors and i need to find a stealthy way to cultivate mothers for future cuttings and figure out how im going to plant them, i already have my location.

    I have 5 x SLH 5 x Big bang and 2 x Hollands hope just developing there 1st set of true leaves, they are sitting in 1" RW cubes in a humidity dome, these are all starting to get pretty well rooted now. Just sprayed them with water so far.

    I also have 3 more SLH and BB in 3" pots with just multi purpose compost which sit on the windowsill, these are like much taller about 2-3" diameter leaves and 4" tall.

    So far i was thinking of keeping 1 healthy mother of each strain in a PC grow case which i were to build or buy and plant the rest outdoor for the time being.

    But i have a few questions:

    1. These seeds that came from my feminised Super lemon haze and Big bang (like 80ish seeds with my 20oz), will they be feminised also?

    2. What should i do with the plants to get them to the next stage, i have never used soil before but i know generally how it works. Will i need to buy some better soil for when i plant them?

    3. should i plant the rockwool ones outdoor before they start going unhealthy due to no nutes, or transplant into 3" rockwool cubes and try have them grow out more first.

    (also is it ok to put the RW seedlings straight into dirt)

  2. nobody?
    all i need to know is where to go from here..
    got 10 rooted seedlings in 1" cubes and 8 in 3" pots with multi purpose compost, when shall i put them outdoor

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