growing out of tree trunk?

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  1. found a hollow trunk bout 4 foot high and a foot wide the trees pretty rotten and some what dry..
    would it be a good idea to fill with soil and plant a clone or seed in?
    would the plant roots impact the inside of tree?
    any suggestions or comments are welcome thanks:)
  2. Ive actually seen something like this! im not too sure what the roots will think of the existing tree? mabey get a big bucket that fits? this would be cool tho :D!
  3. tree is definatly dead i was thinking maybe of lining the inside of it with some sort of bag material the high of the tree is about 4 feet and its hollow right to the ground so lots of room for roots to grow down but im unsure if thre's enough room for them to grow out as the tree isnt very wide
  4. ahh, great idea, sort of like tarp! if it is wider than a five gallon bucket you can expect somthng good! :D that'd be about 7-8 gallons of soil which can produce pretty darn well. and im thinking the tree will keep the root at a nice temp unlike some semi clear, or dark colored buckets!
  5. im stoked cause its right by the creek and definalty high enough to evoid being stepped on should look sweet and yea a tarp would prob be better than bags thanks
  6. Look there timmy, that old dead tree is coming back to life....thats when you jump out to scare them away from precious! :D goodluck man
  7. Only thing is that dead trees attract tons of bugs, idk if they would bother the plant though
  8. yea that came to mind ill have to think this one over
  9. you dont need to put anything in it to contain the soil, i saw a video on youtube with some ones medical grow and he had a straight bush growing out of a tree in his lot i would give it a go, just make sure nothing is going to bite the shit out of you thats livin in there!
  10. would you by any chance have this you tube link?
  11. pics would be awesome

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