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  1. K so I just planted some green behind my house last week or so. it is starting to sprout so I'm doin all I know to take care of it. I know that since it is outside and in natural conditions it could be dangerous for the plant with things such as bugs and what not so what can I do on a daily basis or so in order to insure that my plant grows to the best of its and my abilities?
    For personal use only, of course.:)
  2. Planting garlic and catnip around it will help repel some pests.

    A coil of thick heavy gague copper wire flush on the ground around the stem will keep away slugs.

    Hanging bars of strong deodorant soap like Irish Spring hung in old nylon stockings around your perimiter will help repel deer and some other critters. They think people are around.

    Aside from that just watch them and if you start having pest problems treat them accordingly.
  3. sounds good.
    Well the area that it is does not get as much light as I would like, but it does get a couple of hours a day. I know it's not enough light for a good and healthy plant but for its location it's the best I can do. I cant do things like hang up deodorant because I am living with my parents and and trying to hide the plant until it is big enough to transplant to a friends house where it can be tended to appropriately.

    Do you think that these conditions will support the plant until then?
  4. Yeah it will work but it sounds like it's risky to me. You really should consider waiting until you have your own safe place.
  5. Yea it's risky. There are woods about 50 yards behind me house and I planted it right at the treeline.
    Does marijuana grow well in sand?
  6. No. It likes a moderately rich, well drained soil that doesn't stay very wet but that can retain sufficient moisture and that is of a texture that will allow the roots to expand.
  7. ohh..
    I planted some seeds in some sand I have in my ground. So I guess the dirt will prove to be better :/

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