Growing on the roof legally

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by gumby420, May 10, 2011.

  1. So i live in a warehouse in the industrial district of Los Angeles and currently have about 10 plants on my roof. Me plus a few roommates all have our medical cards. but theres always helicopters flying by cause of how close we are to downtown. i know that even if they did come everything would be cool cause were all medical, but its still a pain in the ass. any tips? only thing i can think of is like spray painted PROP 215 CERTIFIED hella big or something. i dont know.....sorry for the rant.
  2. Are all ur guys paper work posted by the grow??...if so don't trip...there equipt with ways to blow objects up to see them while up there and would prob be smart enough(u would think all cops would be smart right?? to check for that with binocs before crackin down on u for unnec paperwork..
  3. Do you have a lil bit of shelter around it?..
  4. ya that shits posted, no theres no shelter, but its completely invisible at the street if thats why you were asking
  5. You should construct a sort of wedge style shelter(which can be lined with reflective mat. To max sunlight)...this way it looks more established and something not just disposable so they know that someone is caring dor them and legit and not just tossing them up there to see if by chance???well whoknows what

    Is the ban on dispenceries still ongoing?...or has it been lifted?..
  6. ya i thought about doing something like that with reflective wedges or something. but at the same time, looking down at that i think its drawing way more attention so i kinda decided not to...but still not sure

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