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  1. growing in Bogota Colombia, high altitude, temps 46 night 70 day. to cold at night? heat blanket maybe for the night? Outdoor patio grow in big pots.

    I'm very new to the forum thing so sorry in advance if I did this wrong. I have grown in the past several times, living in PA it was always outdoor seasonal grow. Last beauty was 13 ft tall and chuck full of bud even though I didn't get any. lol I ended up moving to Bogota Colombia 3 months before the harvest, my brother in law was very happy to take the plunder lol. Which brings me to my topic.

    I moved to Bogota Colombia in 2012 to become an English teacher after my Col. wife said it would be a great career change which it was. From the get go it was easy to buy nug for what I needed no fuss and fast. But recently my father in law here has been diagnosed with high stage lung cancer and has pain, lack of hunger, sleep problems. all which can be helped with tincture. But I need to grow to get that kind of yield for a good price.
    The laws were changed here in 2014 to allow private growers 20 plants pretty cool.
    I live in a city, Bogota< so not much space. I have 5 plants in big pots, all my fertilizers, and tea supplements, all good to go. My problem is high in the mountains I average 46 degrees at night, 67-70 in the day. I have 12-12 sunlight here all year round and the plants get about 6 direct and 6 indirect during a normal day. I have read some strains are ok in that temperature like they were bread for it? not sure. I, however, noticed a chilly week and the plants seemed to go dormant and then it warmed up again and I got about 8 inches of growth in the following week.
    What's weird is they are about 3 months old, 3 and 4 ft tall I'm guessing the temps are wreaking havoc on the growth cycle, they should be flowering by now I would think but in another article, I found it said equator strains veg a lot longer, then flower a lot longer, like the whole life span is stretched out.
    I'm thinking a heat blanket to help at night. It would be difficult to bring them in and out all the time of the House because of cats. Every day would be up and down from the second floor being the only room I could lock but it doesn't get a lot of sun. Anybody out there deal with these problems? cheap fixes? pretty sure heat is my only issue. Not trying to buy expensive lights and fans to do in house set up if I can help it Just to raise temp 8 - 10 degrees at the night time.
  2. Indicas can withstand the cold better than sativas usually as they are grown in the arid mountains. Some highland sativas are also cold resistant too. Since your at the equator indicas and hybrids will bloom as soon as they are mature enough which will result in small plants but pure equatorial sativas could get huge. I think you should find a few highland sativas and indicas from the mountains like Afghani and Hindu Kush.
  3. Thanks for the info do to irrational people I am moving everything into the attic which holds 75 degrees nicely. Just have to hook up my new lights and get the girls up there, up a latter, fun fun
  4. Best of luck over there. Interesting outdoor conditions, makes my grow seem easy.
    If you ever decide to go outdoors there again you can look into autoflowering strains and some breeders such as Ace seeds that offer worked strains with a landrace heritage....they have equatorial and cold hardy strains that can fit your conditions. Healthy vibes to your garden!
  5. If your growing equatorial cannabis, you should probably know there are 2 official seasons long and short. That is if your working without any supplemental lighting. You can grow sativas by vegging them out under 16/8 or 18/6 and then tossing them outside to take advantage of the constant 12/12. If you can setup a separate small area to veg it makes it a lot easier, but if not you can use led rope lighting, a small led fixture, or those solar walkway lights in the pots to increase the photoperiod.

    Also larger pots can handle thermal exchange better. It may be 46 but that root zone is at 65. As long as they aren't freezing they'll stay alive. Saddle up for a 12-20 week flower...

  6. Hi Tom!

    I myself live in Bogotá as well. Just yesterday i began germinating some seeds to begin growing on my terrace. I don't have a lot of space inside, so indoor growing isn't a possibility at the moment

    How's your growing process been so far? Any recomendations? How's Bogotá treating you and your plants? Enjoy our country!

  7. Hay guys. In Colombia also. Just north of Bogota in Cajica.
    I know a couple other growers here too. Temps here are a problem. Autos seem to grow faster here and less affected by cold. Right now I have a couple specialty strains high in CBD and they are really growing slow.
    Im growing in a spare bedroom with LED lights. I lowered the lights by 50% and it helped.

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