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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Superted, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm planning on growing some weed in a few months time, once I have moved out of the flat that I live in and into a house with a garden and a shed. Once I'm at the house I'm planning on growing "properly" with lights and all that shit, but in the meantime I have a question.

    Is it realistic for me to just grab a few seeds, plants them in a pot and leave the plant in the light during the day whilst I'm at work? Would I get anything worth smoking off it?

    I'm not really worried about how much I get, I really just want to get accustomed to what the plants are like when they grow, and get a little bit of skunk of to smoke for free.

    This is not me asking for reams of advice, I realise that everything I need to know to grow seriously is on these boards. I just want you guys opinion of whether it's worth me bothering with this little experiment.

    These forums rock, by the way.
  2. Why not?

    What can you lose?

    Don't expect much yield but like you said yourself you don't care.

    If you want to learn about plants ain't nowt better than growing them.

    Everyone has a few bagseeds sitting around so germ them and away ya go.

    Seems a moot question to me.
  3. Yeah, I get what you mean about nothing to lose.

    But I would get *something* to smoke off it? Any way you can give me a rough idea of how much it will produce?

    I realise that's a pretty hard thing to do but I mean really rough, am I looking at a few grams, or an ounce, or a few ounces? Assume I don't make much effort, and I just water it and leave it by the window all day.

    Also, is there any point in using decent seeds for an experiment like this? I mean, is it worth getting some £25 a pack seeds off the net, or would I be squandering the quality of something like bubblegum or super skunk by not putting enough effort into the growing? What i'm getting at is, do the seeds determine the quality of the smoke, or do my actions whilst the plants are growing play more of a part.

    Oh yeah, and how much do the plants smell? I get the impression they only start to stink when they're quite mature and have buds? It's not really a problem, but if the landlord needs to come over and fix something, I don't want the entire flat to stink of skunk (more than it does at the moment, anyway)!

    Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. Genetics play a big part in the final quality but the yield from a window sill grow (in England too by the sounds of it) will be so minimal it really isn't worth spending the money if you have some bagseed from some OK weed.

    A further advantage with bagseed is that commercial grown crops are obvuiously all femme from cuttings so chances are the seed will come from a hermied female. Hence your seed is guaranteed femme (or hermie at least).

    Quality of grow further affects quality of produce. You get back what you put in without a doubt when it comes to growing indoors.

    If it's a growing experiment to see how a plnt grows then yes, if you want yield then don't bother.

    You might get a few joints to smoke at the end of it though.

    As for smell, well there is some but vegging plants don't smell huge amounts, flowering plants (dependant on starin) tnd to whiff a bit though

    I'm waffling and doubt i answered any of your questions but hey got a lot in my head right now.

    Good to see another UK soon to be grower though.

    Good luck.


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