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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ThaReaper, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Hi All,

    Today I will start growing my first (of many) MJ plants!!

    I will be growing under a 600W lamp but I would like some advise on growing in rockwool from people that have already done it as I havent seen any other posts about using rockwool in this forum.

    Im growing 10 plants and I will try and post news and pics weekly of them growing.

    Thanks for any advice... :D
  2. l grew in rockwool for years before changing to coco fibre.

    So if ya doing hydro ask away my friend [after doing a search first :smoking:]
  3. Cool,

    My seedlings are germinating as we speak, as soon as they are ready I may need a bit of help!! I've spent a lot of time reading up and preparing stuff but 1 question that isnt covered in what ive been reading is - once my seeds have germinated and I put them in the little holes in the rockwool, when do I first turn my light on cos I dont wont to toast them!?!?

    l normally use clones :D

    l put seeds straight into a rockwool cube to germanate .

    18 hours for veg and turn to 12 hours to head.

    Keep the light about 14" to 18" away .

    lt is important to raise the light approximatly 2" every second day to set the buds at regular interviles
  5. Ill be using clones.... just as soon as I have something to clone ;)

    Them pics look very good, just what Im aiming for!
  6. While your 600W will be more then perfect later on in your grow, you may want to start them off on 24/7 Fluorescent lights. This way you can't toast em, and they will thrive under the lights. Good luck with your grow.

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