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Growing on a budget ? Need a GREAT SOIL ? Check this out $5 a BAG !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hashmouf, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. I am a new grower. Started with 2 clones: Purple Kush and Blue Dream. Have had them under flourescents since December in Jiffy Pots. Am about to transplant into 7 Gal containers a put outdoors. Just picked up a bag of Kellogg Soil for 5.00 at Home Depot. Am going to fertilize w/miracle gro singles: Nitrogen 24%, Phosphate 8%, Potash 16%.
    Any suggestions?

  2. use only half or 1/4 the regular dosage of nutrients. you dont wanna burn the plants with that high concentration
  3. Thanks PandaBud, already watered at full strength before the post but will cut back to 1/2 going forward.
    Advice much appreciated.
  4. where can i get this soil?

    ive looked around and i hate bumping threads that are like 4 years old.

    but i just want to get my garden going and this is the soil that would be PERFECT!
  5. hope depot or lowes maybe. i checked EVERYWHERE out here where i live on the east coast and they didnt have it. so i went and order fox farms.....
  6. Regards to nutes, I'm using Dynamite purple with a little of there organic brown bottle mixed in right now and it works pretty good, just watering with R/O H20, oh I did top dress with dolomite for some cal/mag.
    I got Dynamite at OSH but I've also seen it at H.D. to.

    Best Regards,
  7. lowes has it on the site, but no stores carry it around here.

  8. Thanks S.S. will check it out.

  9. hashmouf, thanks much for the post. It certainly seems like a fine deal, and might just fit the bill for an outdoor grow, especially.

    You certainly cant beat it for five dollars, and can also use it as a "base", and ammend any way you like.

    Wal-Mart, you say?


    (as far as the dead stuff and dog and cat shit fella, I wanna see how his grow goes growing in dog and cat shit and dead things...*lol*)

    have a great day, all.
  10. Starting a new grow in about two weeks so i got that long to locate this soil mix. Will let ya all know where i find it.....
  11. found it at home depot. it does seem to drain a bit fast but plants seem ok with the soil right now.
  12. couldnt find it, let me know places
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    yeah i can't find it even on ebay...its apparently only in far western states. Anyone willing to pick me up a bag ill pay cost/shipping still think that will be cheaper then most other bags for whats inside.

    Oohh everyone its on lowes website to see if any stores carry it around you. Better than no luck on target/walmart/ebay. Ima look until i can find a place to buy it from hopefully. link to check stores.
  14. I found it at Lowes, Home depot, and Orchard supply, and like Evil said it does drain very fast, but so far my seedlings seem to luv it.
  15. Wow, 4 year old post and people are still posting, so here is my "bump", I went to Home depot. Got it for $5. I told the guy I wanted something organic and with no time released nutes and that I didnt want any MG soil. He said the Kellogg patio soil was very good to grow "tomatoes" (he knew what I wanted it for). They had pallets of it.

    I reluctantly bought it and came home and searched GC. Im glad that its a nice soil to use. Im glad even 4 year old posts can still be relevant today. Awesome!
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    Now its a 5 year old thread lol. Still very relevant. I initially went to my local hydro store to get some Fox Farm and the guy said they were all out of soil. Fox Farm, Roots Organic, Black Gold... just out - till next week. I was like how the #$^* is a hydro store out of soil? First and last time I'm going there. So after some searching I found this thread. Couldn't find the stuff at Home Depot, wasn't gonna bother asking anyone. Found it real quick at OSH - they don't seem to be Miracle Grow's bitch like HD. Stuff looks great. Good to know that its PH balanced already and has organic nutrients in it. Instead of buying Ocean Forest I bought this cheaper alternative for less than half the price. It means I can spend a little extra on some nutrients down the road. The first reply on here cracks me up... "It probably has time released ferts" HELLO did you look at the image that says "Organic Nutrients???" Great thread Hashmouf!!!!
  17. Thanks Hashmouf for the reccomendation and thanks for managing to ignore those who've bashed on this post early... early, early on. Like one said, it's still relevant. Ocean Floor is ridiculously expensive, although I'm currently growing in them and see great results, I would still go for a cheaper alternative. That's what liquid nutes are really for right? Besides guano, worm, and the like, what more do you need? Especially with pearlite? 5 bucks a bag? Probably 10 to 12 bucks nowadays? I'm still sold.
  18. This soil is still sold in Socal and its only 5 bucks per 1.5 cu feet bag at home depot. bout to start outdoor with it. Im just gonna use it straight and see what happens. One on my neighbors swears by it.
  19. I grew a few outdoor plants in this soil and my buddy thought it was indoor.
  20. Patio Plus is the shit for 5 bucks

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