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Growing on a budget ? Need a GREAT SOIL ? Check this out $5 a BAG !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hashmouf, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. You bet your ass this is good stuff for the money, I used this for an outdoor setup and it was superb. You cannot beat it for the money, my stuff came out just as good as my buddys setup who used Fox Farms.
  2. For real? HELL YEAH im gonna grow like a motherfuckers
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    Been using GC almost exclusively for research before I try my thumb at growing.
    I came across this thread and figured I'd give a little back.

    This soil came highly recommended from a Lowe's employee who said "-grow my own salsa fixins and other things..."

    Here's a picture of broccoli and cabbage at I think 10 weeks, and a closer up picture of the soil with a young artichoke.
    I just watered, so the top of the soil has more of the wood chip looking material.

    Oh, and $4.97 a bag. :D

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  4. Can't seem to find a Lowes in Ohio that carries this.
  5. my walmart only carries Miracle gro :mad: i have to use organic choice miracle grow soil (very small town)
  6. Lowes has this item listed on their website but not all Lowes has it. I was told by the manager that (after I printed out the upc and item #) Co. was not in the district or some chit. Hetold me that I would have to drive to the Lowes in Kansas :confused: WTF..

  7. Just found this thread, great tip.
    I've been using FFOF & Happy Frog, I hate tossing soil after one use I wanna go hydro but its not the right time, I'll give this a try and use it maybe until I have the time to swithch my kaka over to hydro.

  8. nice info, I believe ill be mixing this with FF and cow shit and another poting soil, lol

    GOOD STUFF AS ALWAYS HASH, you helped multi people on this site (me incl) so f the haters, but I think they were just the newbs who dont knwo your work.

  9. Lol, I was just reading this thread and had to laugh. First Hashmouf gives advice, then people give him a hard time...then the thread turns into everyone asking him for advice. Thats awesome, way to weed out the nay sayers. Awesome cooking threads Hashmouf, time to to start baking cookies :D
  10. I think u can create an account at the lowe site and order it and have it shipped to you. Not sure maybe wrong but it would seem to you can or either get lowes to order you a bag, tho they may not be willing to help. I went on the site and typed in my zipcode and it gave me the store closest to me that has it, which is supposedly my local lowes so I`ll go and check it out probably. Looking to go ahead and get some better soil mixes for my outdoor plots next year and maybe an indoor grow or 2 b4 then. Thanks hashmouf, also plan on making some hash this year using one of ur methods.
  11. You should be able to do this for the soil. I've ordered numerous other things from their website this way, don't see why it would differ at all for soil. I might try this stuff out after my FFOF runs out.
  12. I'm in Cali, I've been buying/stocking up on it from Orchard Supply (OSH) and have seen it at Home depot and Lowe's, average price is $5.00 a bag.
    If I couldn't get it that easily or if I had to order it I would probably just get FFOF & Happy Frog for the convienance.
  13. Hashmouf, are you still using this soil?
    I'm about to start using it and wondering if you use it straight out of the bag
    or are you mixing any additional nutes or perlite in with it?
    I have been using it to top off some plants but haven't started any new plants in it, just wondering if you still dig it the most?
  14. This soil is horrible.. I would never use it again!! It does NOT compart to FFOF. Not even close. Sorry OP...
  15. what made it horrible for you?
  16. bump for more opinions please
  17. Great soil for growing on a budget, I did 3 or so grows using it, no-one ever said it compares to to FFOF or Happyfrog, its cheap & gets the job done.
    I personly never had any issues related to this soil, I didn't notice any differences between it & the plants next to it in 50/50 FFOF/HF, I plan on giving an outdoor plant or two a try next year using it with Dynamite or O.C. plus T.R.F.'S (timed released ferts.), just water until harvest.

    Best Regards,
  18. Bump. Any updates? I'm using this right now but my water comes from LA. Any tips on what nutrients this soil needs? It is a little woody but my other herb garden is growing crazy fast. Cayenne, Serranos that sprouted seemingly overnight.
  19. How much perlite do u reccomend mixing into this soil?
  20. Ithink u know what your talking about 5 dollars u cant loose,thanks 4 post

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