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Growing on a budget ? Need a GREAT SOIL ? Check this out $5 a BAG !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hashmouf, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. I only endorse organic nutrients the type of organic nutrients depends on your budget really, My favorites are Botanicare's organic line , next would be fox farm products then Age Old organics. The feeding schedule is more complicated it differs between strains and conditions of your grow, I usually use half the recomended dosage that the directions suggest.
  2. I am working on obtaining about 36 bags of Kellogg Patio Plus Organics for my outdoor grow...

    Only $180!
  3. Thats great, It is a great soil for a very affordable price. along with organic nutrients its will produce awesome results! Best of luck with your grow.
  4. damit meng i cant find this soil.. i also hopd on their site and clicked the "where to buy" and not one place popd up lol.. help!
  5. Hashmouf,

    Thank you for the excellent thread. I'll be starting my first crop in a few days and will most assuredly go pick a bag of this up at wally world. Can't wait to tell you how well it works for a budget grower like me!

    And for real hexter.....Have some respect cats.

  6. This soil is great, i'm using it. I bought it without knowledge of this thread though.. BUMP
  7. I wish they had it around here:mad:
  8. check your local Lowes Hardware store
  9. Since it already has perlite in it, would there be a need to add any more?

  10. i didnt.. depends on your style
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    I have used mg organics, that shit is the worst, it dries quick and when you water it the water goes throgh the pot without getting the soil wet.. thanks for the tip hashmouf, went to the site and there are 4 places that have it within a few miles of me..
    I also made your butter, your grahm crackers, and your grilled cheese sammich..
    I think you are fkin awesome, this guy knows his shit..
  12. Holy crap, this stuff looks really good!!
    Blue Ribbon Blend Potting Soil - Products Profile

    A composted blend of Canadian sphagnum peat moss,
    screened fir bark fines, forest humus, pumice, chicken
    manure, worm castings, bat guano, kelp meal and
    alfalfa meal. Oyster shell and dolomite limes are
    added as pH adjusters (pH = 6.5.)
    Primary Uses:
    Formulated for use in all indoor and outdoor container planting applications.
    Also excellent for hanging baskets and raised bed planting.
    May be mixed with existing garden soil to enhance soil texture, drainage and fertility.
    May be added to existing soil in containers or pots to restore and improve the nutrient and physical properties. FEATURES:
    100% natural, completely organic Peat-based formula that includes Alfalfa Meal, Worm Castings, Kelp Meal, and Bat Guano. Click here to continue
    The extra absorbent, fine-textured blend keeps tender
    roots moist and aerated between waterings.
    Abundant essential plant nutrients promote quick growth and long-lasting health for all types of container plants.
    Specially screened bark particles combined with porous Pumice promote optimum air space and excellent drainage in the root zone.
    Includes several species of beneficial Mycorrhizae soil fungi. These living organisms dramatically improve water and nutrient absorption by enhancing the root system of many plant species.

    This was off of Kelloggs Website, I am not sure what the price is, but it seems comparable to any High end soil
  13. I'll be looking it up next visit to Walmart. I actually was looking for organic soil there before, but only found MG organic which of course I walked away from briskly. Now I know what to look for.

    Hashmouf ain't no newb. I'll give it a go next time.
  14. Probably wont be at walmart unless it has one of those garden centers
  15. I'm using that Kellogg's right now for my first grow and I HATE it.

    It's got so much forest product in it, the shit won't hold water, Every time I water I have to empty my trays, and I have to water almost every day it's rediculous, Im mixing in another soil now to try and thickin the stuff up but it's a huge pain in the ass.

    I'll never use that soil again, ever.
  16. Sounds like you got a bad mix. Perhaps quality control is where they skimp.
  17. It's been a good mix for me so far. Maybe you got the wrong soil line? there is many Kellogg soils...

    Maybe you mixed too much perlite?

    There's just a good amount of bark in the soil also.
  18. hahaha 2lbs a plant indoor, i cant even how long you would have to veg for to get those kind of results, unless it is a scrogged beast with like 2kw per plant. I dont think it would be practical, i would love to see some pics a good rep would be able to back his product up.
  19. wow i didnt even see how old this thread was i probably shouldnt have bothered to post. my bad
  20. Bump.

    Is this soil available anymore?

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