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Growing on a budget ? Need a GREAT SOIL ? Check this out $5 a BAG !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hashmouf, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Yeah my local wal- mart didn't have much of a selection either just 1 type of compost and the Kellogg's luckily they had that. But just remember that bright yellow bag if you ever come across it grab some and give it a try.
  2. My only question for this stuff is water retention.... when you go to flower and you got a pretty beefed up lady... how often do you have to water it? does it drain right through? or does it hold onto water so tight you water it once a week? ive had soils where i had to water twice daily.. and some where i didnt water for up to 8 days.

    so tell me about that
  3. It has a good amount of peat moss so it holds water quite well but still has good drainage it is a well balanced soil. In a 5 gallon pot I water about every 5-6 days , But during flower I would say every 2-3 days.
  4. i wanna know how hashmouf has 600 sum odd posts he hasnt been here but a month
    ive been here almost two years now and barely 300 posts
    get offline please lol
    another thing ive seen like 12 of ur posts stateing ive grown for 12 years in soil....ive been growing for 10 years now....ive been orgainc for 8 years... which is it 12 10 or 8 im just curious with all that time u spend online you must have some pictures of your grows or a journal
  5. looked all over for this locally, has anyone found it yet?
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  6. Can we see another pic of it? Or the name?

  7. Its called dedication, thats why I have 600+ posts I do not waste my time online, I try to help as many people as I can while I am logged in.

    Since you are so concerned with my growing background I will break it down for you.

    1996 I began growing outdoors
    1998 I began growing hydroponically
    2000 I began growing organically

    And what are you talking about pictures of grows or a journal :confused: have you not looked at my gallery or the journals in my sig ??? My previous grows were on a large scale and my partners and I felt photographing our operation was too risky. I did not begin to take pics of my grows until 2003 when I became a member of Overgrow. Unfortunately Overgrow was shut down my Laptop crashed and took all of my photos with it. Now I must rebuild my portfolio.

    I don't know what you are getting at, But trust me buddy I ain't no Newbie. I have smoked more weed then you will ever grow and grown more weed then you will ever smoke.

    So whats your story I see you around in the forums trying to give every one advice and you have no photographic evidence what so ever to back up your claim of knowledge. maybe if you really had the experience you act like you have, you too would have 662 posts and the REP to match.
  8. I posted the pic and the name already.
  9. the pics dont work anymore... he wants you to post the name of the soil in text
  10. All pics are back on-line.
  11. Looks like a score! :smoking:
  12. That's a good price. I couldn't see how much dirt you get... 40 lbs?
  13. I have that soil and I already started my grow on it and im growing 7-10 plants indoor I have used it before it works FANTASTIC you can also buy it at target for 5$ bucks:hello:
  14. Thats great ! thanks for your testimony. Good luck with your grow. .[​IMG]
  15. I have continued to troll the two Wally Worlds near me, as well as Target, and still haven't seen this Kellogg product. All I see is a brand called Expert that does not have the guano/kelp/castings. Boo hoo.


    I did just this weekend find something else at Wally World -- 10 lb bags of organic earthworm castings for $3.83. That's a great price! So if you can't find the pre-mixed soil Hashmouf referred us to, try for the worm castings and mix into your soil yourself.
  16. i also have wally worlds and target right by me and all that they carry is the expert stuff too hopefully i will find this stuff somewhere:(
  17. Hey great Find - ive got a wallyworld and target near me, ill check them out deff!
  18. Great advice as always from ToastyBiz.
  19. Best of luck too you both.
  20. Grow season bump............

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