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  1. Hey there everyone newbie here and have a question about one of my girls. I have 5 plants all the same strain and same order, growing under Led in 6x6 tent in happy frog soil mixed with peat moss. One of them is growing strangely. It’s like all branches start at same spot on stem, the leaves growing in weird directions and not getting taller really. Bushier for sure and healthy idk so any thoughts are appreciated

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  2. Yeah, you are burning the shit out of em'. See the tips that are dead? Nute burn.
    Flush with ph water set to 6.5. When the PPM's of the run off are around 400 they should be fine at that height
  3. I’m aware it is an old issue from a week ago. I flushed and added new soil mix. Anyway my thread is not about that. I am wondering why my one plant is growing strange. Bushy rather than getting any taller. The leaves are growing several different directions it’s like all the branches start at same area on stem. Otherwise they are all very healthy atm other than old stuff you see because I didn’t remove all the affected leaves. I only like to remove the really bad ones
  4. Well the thread is about that, and that was the first thing I saw and mentioned it. Sorry, you must have it all covered
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