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Growing near power lines

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Benchmadebob, Apr 4, 2011.

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    My current grow spot i have picked is under those really big power lines. The clear them every so many years from brush and trees and what not. There are a lot of prickers around so no sane person would walk through this field under the power lines unless they had a really good reason to. Also will electricity fuck up my plants? And can i stock water in jugs near my spot. Will the water spoil. And i only have 4 months from last frost to first frost. Will this be long enough? And i will be growing in my own organic composted soil which has correct ph and what not. I will have them in camouflaged 5 gallon buckets. So what should i expect for yield if everything goes according to plan. Again thank you guys and gals for being the biggest help in my growing adventure.
  2. Human urine could work as a repelant, try dissolving some of your piss in water and spraying a little on the plant and around the plant, human urine contains nitrogen also so make sure you dissolve it properly and it will actually be good for your plant :hello:

    Peace :smoke:
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    you can make your own deer repellent with eggs, tabasco sauce and a pinch of wet compost. There are probably better recipes out there, try searchin.

    fill a gallon jug with 5 or 6 eggs, half a bottle of hot sauce, fill jug with water... (try urine?) and i threw in a pinch of dark wet compost. shake it up, and let sit out in the sun for a couple days to fester. strain then put into a sprayer.

    that should do it, hit the foliage around your garden that oughta give'em something to think about.

    Bottling your urine would probably be good to. if you live in a semi urban area, deer get pretty used to human smells
  4. if the homemade stuff doesn't work they sell deer repellent i have no clue which works better best to save your money for now and try what has been states above
  5. I am an avid deer and coyote hunter. Coyotes are natural predators of deer. So, all you need is some coyote urine to spray around your grow. That will keep the deer away. BUT the only problem is that the rain will wash it away, so you will have to spray fresh urine around your crop at least every two weeks or after a rains. If you live close to Bass Pro Shop or Cabela's (or online) you can order a time released drip pouch (they're normally made for deer urine, but coyote urine can go in them) with coyote urine and you won't have to disturb the area and risk people noticing you traveling to your stealth spot so frequently.

    You can get the coyote urine at a trapper's website. Just google it.

    I've also read that ground up black pepper works. IDK if there is any truth to this though...

    Hope this helps!

    Cheers! :smoke:
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    Hi Benchmadebob.

    In years of growing, ive shit and pissed, had my dog shit and piss, wolfe piss, coyote piss, mothballs, eggs, pie pans, deer repellant, animal repellant and every approach ever invented and youre straight up fucked if you use any of them and a hungry deer comes buy. THEY DONT WORK!

    I have found 3 methods that do work.

    1. Brown eyed susan tea. Buy a boquet, soak them, strain the extract and spray it on the plants. Deer will not eat Browneyed susans as they contain an astringent quality. When you spray your plants with the tea, the deer thinks its a browneyed susan.

    2. If the deer arent just starving, the pesticice pyrethrins/rotenone, which are both organic and deteriorate in contact with air/light make the plants smell and taste bad and the deer wont eat them unless they very hungry. You have to keep them sprayed weekly.

    3. The solar powered animal repellants that emit a high frequency sound do work. Its a small cylinder with a motion detecter and a small solar panel. Its mounted on a stake that you stick in the ground. If an animal triggers the motion detector, the device begins emitting a high frequency pitch for 60 seconds that alarms the animal, although it cant be heard by humans. The cheap models of this device sell for about 20 bucks. My buddy bought one and we took it down to the local game farm that has a pen with deer in it. We activated the repellant and deer ran panicked in every direction.
  7. usually wolves urine repels deer....rabbits are a bit harder. my mom uses crushed cyan pepper around her vegetable beds and for the most part it works.
  8. Never heard of this before Clodhopper, sounds like an ole family recipe, thank-you for that sharing with us.

    Sales of brown eyed susan's already skyrocketing ;)
  9. Coyote Urine .Scares the shit out of everything.Google it for a distributor

  10. Inthedirt4, i live in an area of the country that has the highest concentration of whitetails in the entire world, with 45-55 deer per sq mile and that is a serious undercount. I can sit on my deck any evening and watch 40 deer graze right along side cattle.

    We had to find something that worked and we began testing plants that werent poisonous but that deer wouldnt eat. After, much experimentation, we settled on the tea from Browneyed susans. We put a few young bagseed plants untreated and a few treated with the tea along an active deer trail. The untreated plants were eaten within hours when the first deer that passed ate them. The treated plants remained untouched for 17 days when the second rain apparantly washed enough of the extract off that they no longer smell. It works big time. Ive never had a sprayed plant eaten.
  11. That makes perfect sense, i'll be using your tea in my garden this year. We've got this one white tail that, a couple years ago i used to leave out apples and pears for. Not so much anymore......

    Please accept my +rep
  12. How about not spraying your plants with piss or any of the other things. Any time you put somthing new out in the woods the coons come so if you don't want to deal with deer or coons try fishing line just string it around your plants use some sticks to suport if need be just make sure you take it with you when you harvest. I use this. And I don't have to re aply it ever. Fishing line fence can't be seen till you get close so wont hurt security. Keeps deer at bay and coons hate geting tangeled
  13. Hey Clodhopper, thanks again for this tip. Here's my flower cabinet at the moment; the small plants are brown-eyed susans. I'm trying to figure out whether I can make them flower early using 12/12 photoperiod. So far, not clear. In case I have to wait for the natives or the florists' to get a stock in, I plan to make some sprays up with more accessible plants off this list: Lawn & Garden: Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance . So, thanks again :hello:
  14. Thanks guys the fishing line sounds like a viable option. i will just have to work out some kind of gate system. For the rabbits i will put pricker branches at the base of the fence. Also i know deer can jump really fucking high. So do i have to make it like 12 feet tall.
  15. What about horseradish? I read that it is extremely deer resistant. Could I take a jar of horse radish, dilute it and spray it over my plants while they are small and vulnerable?

    Or what about garlic? I know quite a few deer & rabbit repellents are garlic-based.

  16. Not 12feet, 8 feet deer can't jump. The thing about fishing line is animals won't see out and you could possibly have dead animals around your plot. Just be careful, you don't want to make mother nature mad at you!

  17. As long as the spot is hard to get to and somewhat desolate, this is a great idea. im not sure how it is over there but here im pretty sure there is regulations about helicopters and whatnot flying over them so it would be more difficult for the police to spot them
  18. Electromagnetic radiation is bad for any living being, but it sounds like you have found a really good spot to grow so its up to you to try!

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