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  1. This is my second year growing outdoor. Last year my crop was pollinated, the herb still came out decent. But, no one likes seeded weed. I hope that a repeat of last year doesn't happen this year. I have tried talking to my neighbors who grow, they are mostly Hispanic and speak poor English. So it is hard to try and educate them. Is their any preventive method for blocking pollen, or am I SOL? Thanks for the input!
  2. No way to block it unless you go into a tent or greenhouse even then you would need really good filters. Learn enough Spanish to tell them that sinsemilla is worth a lot more than seed weed try taking a sixer of Dos Eques and some really good bud over there and see what happens.Hola amigos, la cerveza.
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  3. who knows man maybe theyre actually up to some next level plant breeding with that open pollination. you might have some amazing cross in that seeded bud. weed is traditionally grown with seed in south america, and there are some very good genetics native there.
  4. Gahh! I had pretty much guessed that, but I figured hey what the heck. Ask anyways. I saved a few seeds from the harvest. I germinated a few and planted two, hopefully at least one fem. I'm always up to try anything, just because I enjoy growing so much. Thanks for taking the time to put in your input guys!
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  5. The language barrier will make it a bit tricky but showing them a single branch pollenating method might work if they really want seeds.. That'll give you a 100 seeds on a lower branch and leave the rest of the plant seedless and still quality smoke..
    Used that 2 years ago and I've fired some of the beans I created this summer and I'll do more small scale cross pollination of my own strains as well as the clones I've picked up..
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