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  1. Anyone here grow mushrooms? Just to be clear were talking about edible, non psychedelic mushrooms (oyster, portobello, shiitake). I have a blue oyster liquid culture syringe and a shiitake master culture slant that im about to start working on and wanted to see if anyone else was into mycology.
  2. Me no not personally, definitely interested, i love to see a journal if you end up putting your plan into fruition.
  3. I've grown Shiitake & Oyster mushrooms from kits
    The ones that are like a block of inoculated compressed sawdust or ??? whatever they are
    They're only good for about 3 or 4 flushes
    But the mushrooms were GOOD
    Nothing like cooking with fresh cut mushrooms you just clipped from your kitchen closet

    Really really what to grow some of the Glowing Mushrooms

    Good luck & if you like mushrooms / Fresh Blows Away Anything you'd buy at a store
  4. Nice man, ill be growing these from cultures that im going to use to start up a few plates of agar. Both shiitake and oyster can be grown on a modified pf cake so im gonna start from there before i jump into making straw and sawdust logs. Personally i hate the taste and texture of mushrooms, i just love to grow them lol. Theres a farmers market about a block away that i could set up and sell them at.

    I really want the glowing ones too, sporeworks carries spore syringes of a species of glowing mushrooms but i already have a lot of stuff going right now.
  5. "fungi perfecti" carry mushroom cultivation supplies. don't know about glowing but they have hot pink oyster. i've grown oyster and shitake in the past. now i like to forage for wild ones. funny, i almost always stumble into old grow sites during hunts.
  6. I'm sure you can buy a fungi kit online. And some good compost.
  7. I have pretty much everything i need. Probably have close to if not over $1000 in mushroom cultivation supplies. Everything from canning jars to a $200 pressure cooker.

  8. damn, you're going all out then.

    I was looking into cultivation too, but only looking to do a small cultivation, spend about 500 bucks tops including spores
  9. To be honest, i got most of my supplies through trades lol. The only stuff i actually paid for was the All American 915 pressure cooker ($220), Nesco dehydrator ($50), Quart and half pint jars ($30), Plastic tubs ($30), Perlite, Vermiculite, Brown Rice Flour, and Coco Coir ($30), Scalpels ($10), Alcohol burner ($10) and various spore syringes ($100).

    Everything else was acquired through trades, i probably have 30-40 different spore prints now.
  10. awesome. like some one else mentioned I'd love to see a journal, or just update this thread as you go along.
  11. subbed :)

    how do you keep your sporeprints? Do they need to be refrigerated and kept dark?

    Morels grow locally and I was considering making some sporeprints to start a culture..but I dunno if they drop spore like a normal shroom does.

    I'd love to watch this happen as well... :)
  12. All my prints are on aluminum foil, kept in a ziploc bag together, and stored in my little safe. The only thing i keep refrigerated are my slants, culture syringes, spore syringes, and unused agar plates.

    Morel mushrooms explode spores outward instead of down like a regular capped mushroom, so to take a morel print ive heard of people wrapping it up in a piece of foil with the ends open.
  13. DAM...
    Sounds like you went all out & have a great set up
    {For some one doesn't like to eat them / LOL}

    I Would also love to see a grow journal

    If I can find them / Know I have pics / Just not sure where
    I'll post some pics of these bright yellow ones that use to grow in some of my "wet / humid" animal tanks
    There was a few times where they would drop spores & I would get the full on fairy rings going
  14. Soudnds like you got yourself a little investment. Good luck and keep us updated...this will be interesting.
  15. My good friend does and he's the best ive personally seen im sureits debateable but besides that he has a great mix down without guano or poop hes grown hairy buffalos, ecuadors, and b+ and some sort of hawaiann fungus great stuff keep us posted!
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    "Hairy Buffaloes"
    Had to look those up / LOL

    Found the pics of the yellow ones I was talking out / These were growing in a land crab tank
    No clue what they are
    They use to pop up on their own {in peat moss} in a lot of my wetter/humid herp/invert enclosures

    I had a large 5ft X 2 1/2 tank that I used for breeding water dragons that use to get the full on fairy rings going / Looked awesome

    Hard to tell from the pics {were taken through glass} but they were the full on Bright almost glow in the dark yellow

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  17. Beautiful! And yeah those hairy buffalos are pretty wild 5+ stars very great strain arent you suppose to pick them when the caps starting turning out thats when there most potent? I could be wrong but i love the little mini under developed mushrooms so potent:)
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    looks impressed...I wanna see more...any other pictures? any other species?

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