Growing MJ in a working refrigerator.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jcj77d, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. ok ive seen & heard of people useing an old frige (gutted of cource) to grow their mj in, like a grow hut. so heres the thing, i know that cold temps can make the color of the plant change different colors, mostly purple, of cource these plants are usually grown outside where the temps drop by the time its flowering makeing the buds purpleish, ive also heard & read of people letting their crop go w/o water for a long period of time b4 harvest (not sure how long), & then some time close to harvest start waterng them with really cold water to make them change colors. so heres the thing, what if one was to grow in a working frige, (still gutted), & kept it on @ a cool, or cold setting, to make their plant or plants change colors. i know it doesnt make the buds more potent, but as a seller & buyer, the color purple seems to be more appealing, & easier to sell. so if this can happen outside naturally, why wouldnt this work for a inside grow. just a thought:eek:
  2. i'm pretty sure the cold whether makes the plants grow a hell of a lot slower. if i were you' i'd give it a shot, if worse comes to worse, then you lose a few, small plants
  3. Why go through all the trouble? Just get a purple strain I wouldn't mention "selling".
  4. we arn't dealers, we are growers. Are you a dealer ?

    As for the idea, A Fridge, even in it's lowest setting is still way to cold for marijuana to survive.
  5. yeah.. we had some dank around here that was... just ok... and selling for 30 a g because of its color...

    Browse DrChronic for some seeds. I found a purple strain for under $20 so check it out if ur serious about getting the color.

    but you can just turn it off... maybe veg... flower... and before havest during flush possibly put it in a cold enviroment to get color?
  6. ok then, piss all your money away.
  7. First off the only reason you would do that is to increase the buds value... because it sure as hell doesnt help the potency.

    Now if your so dead set on it then you need to get some needles and inject your colour of choice into the plant at small incriments.

    To procure the needles you need to go into a EMT office and get allergy testing. Its almost guarenteed that you have allergy's to something so go thru with it then after a month of in-office allergy shots you can opt for having someone else learn to do the shots.

    Now you will start getting needles monthly in the mail. YOU CANT SHOOT UP WITH THESE!

    Hope that helped even if you shouldnt be doing it.
  8. WTF......just walk into the drug store..walk up to the Pharm.counter and ask for what ya' want...But...Don't stick needles in plants or people
  9. no, i was just stating some facts
  10. i know this, i stated that in the orginal post.

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