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Growing mids in my backyard

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohhighthere2, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Hey so i bought a half a zip the other day and a bit was "seedy" and I'm thinking about growing them in my backyard. could it produce weed at least if i water it 2 times per day

  2. "growing mids" I knew this was gonna be good
  3. Just germinate it, keep it in a plastic party cup until it is veging, then transplant into ground.
  4. L.M.A.O....... Sorry, Op .. ARE YOU TRYING TO DROWN MARY???? :smoking::cool:

    (or are you supposed to water outdoor 5x as much as indoor?):smoking:
  5. Whole section of the forum for growing...
  6. Idc if you got the seeds from schwag, show em TLC and they will be some super dank flowers! Just gotta treat em right;)

  7. Outdoor you may need to water more during droughts.
  8. Lol, you're growing mids? You've already decided how well you're going to take care of your plants? Before you even think about growing, I think you should spend a few days researching and learning everything about growing. It's not super hard, but there are some key factors you need to know. There's a section on Grasscity for growing. Go read a bit, my man! Good luck though!
  9. Growing mids.

    Gotta love the uneducated.
  10. Well to be fair some seeds from certain plants aren't capable of producing top quality bud no matter how good you treat the plants. While others will still be very decent even if they aren't getting a great amount of care. Iv grown crappy bud before and it wasn't cause i didnt treat em right, as the other strains were going good.

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