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  1. Hello i am doing a micro micro grow at the moment, i have built my growing box, which is a perfect foot box, 30X30X30. I need to know three things.
    1.Which strains should i pick (Indica obviously) but automatics or just femine? Are other strains besides, Lowryder possible for this grow?
    2.My plan is to veg for 2-3 days until the main leaf structure is created, and then 12/12 until harvest, as my goal is to maintain 20-25cm height maximum. Any one tried this?
    3.How large should my pot be?

    This grow is for a single plant.
    Thanks for the help
  2. I am growing 2 autos and I personally think they will be perfect for your situation.

    Both my girls stayed around 12-15 inches and branched out heavily.

    Just some food for thought.
  3. I would just get a low ryder auto flowering female strain and stick with that plan, if you top it right plant size really won't matter.
  4. Also I don't know why this didn't click earlier, but if you get an auto strain, changing the light cycle won't do anything. If you really wanted to go that route go to the attitude seed bank and set the custom search to low height.
  5. is there any reason your limited to 1 foot of height? that is quite a squeeze. to keep the plant low you will need to LST or ScrOG for sure. have a look at the bottom link in my signature, i have a similar sized grow box on the go

    also have a look here for some tips on LST

    when you need to have the plants very small, autos work really well because you can keep your light cycle at 18/6 - 24/0 so they get more light during their short life span
  6. Tagging along for input here; I'm hoping to do a sea of green on a very similar scale.

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