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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by skully, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. could i use perlite,peat moss,and vermiculite through the vegative stage then switch them to soil for flowering?
  2. could but why?

    if ur gonna end with soil...might as well start with it
  3. well i have bags of perlite,peat moss,and vermiculite..just sitting around..thought i could put them to use instead of buying another bale of sunshine mix#4.
  4. quit smoking that weed man...its making you lazy :D
  5. mix peat wiv da soil and would achive got root growth
  6. marcovancleef, are you going to be good now? Last time I heard from you I wasn't happy. But your forgiven. :D
  7. well that seems like a pretty strong mix just using those three together.

    lets face costs all of 7$ for about 10 3gal pots of good mix. and its so important to have a quality medium and its such an easy way to rid urself of one more problem that might come up.

    but hey go crazy...but when ur 'soil' mix has a pH of 5 and the edges of ur leaves are all burnt up cuz of fert levels and it takes an extra month to grow a small yielding plant...dont say 'damn i shudda been lazy' :)
  8. I some times use geranium soil for my plants but there are so many ways to do this just experiment.

    yes grower i will try n be nice now but sorry bout before i was angry.
  9. ok chilax people it was just a question:) its not laziness its curiousity...for all i knew it was better for the plants..sheesh
  10. Yo skully, breathe in.... and out.... chill, yourself ;)

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