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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jonster, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. I put saran wrap over pots, seeds have sprouted, what should I do? take saran off, leave it on till grows bigger?

    I'm growing inside but close to a window for 7 hour direct sun, when should I move outside or should I grow inside with sun till harvest?
  2. Why is it under wraps?? MJ is a tropical plant and can take full sun from the moment the seed germinates. The more sun the bigger the plant and the better the yield.
  3. u use wraps/ baggies for moisture lock not sunblock
  4. dont even think of keeping them by a window! their stems will grow extremely long or it will just die! plant when there is a couple nodes or invest in some lights.
  5. Never by a window. Put them in sun is best. I never use lights, the sun is free, and better for the planet.
  6. actually lights are better for the plants... you can control the amount of light they receive.
  7. I'll move them outside, i don't understand what would go wrong with growing by a window in pots? I have a fan, humidity meter, it's a large window and the plant receives much sun.
  8. dude this is your first grow and i wouldnt lie to you growing by the window will take twice as long. you could start your seedlings by the window but after two weeeks transplant
  9. MJ is a tropical plant and the newly germed seedlings can take full sun staright away.

    They have adapted to receive the light spectrum of the sun, and that is what they need.

    To say that artificial light is better for them is total crap, IMHO.

    Artificial light is only ever better for keeping the grower out of jail, never better for the plant
  10. Me and my good freind are growing about 6 plants just in there first weeks on the inside of a window, the window gets plenty of sun should we move them outside in the day then bring them in at night?
  11. Yes, put them out in the sun during the day and bring them in at night to avoid frost is a good plan.

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