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    I just received this book as a gift from a buddy. My new year resolution is to grow bud and never buy again. I know the Cervantes book is top notch and my misinformed friend purchased this one as a nice gesture. After reading some amazon reviews it seemed as if this book may hurt more than help.

    Just looking for some insight from you blades on whether or not I should even read through this book or if this will set me back further as I have an "empty mind" on growing bud. I don't know much so if reading this book and absorbing the knowledge is going to hurt me upon starting to grow I'll just set it on the shelf and use GC as well as purchase the Cervantes book.

    Thank you

    Edit: Merry Chistmas Eve everyone have a great holiday!
  2. Not sure about the book, but id be more concerned that your buddy or buddies already know that you are planning to grow.....the first rule of growing (and not getting caught) is tell no one. And that means absolutely no one.....word of mouth is what gets people busted or robbed. Having friends buy you "how to grow pot" books is not a good start and does not bode well as you've broken the first rule of growing and havent even started yet.
  3. Read everything you can on the subject. Books, forums, articles, whatever you can find. You will see a wide variety of opinions on many aspects of growing. From the best light cycle, to best nutes there is an abundance of varied information. Read all of them, grow some weed, try different things, and decide what works best for you.
  4. This was also the first book I read! It's a very simple book if your growing in soil, hydro not so much. It's a real beginners book the only downside is, it does not go into depth about plant issues.

    I have bought many books to read up on, try Barnes and Noble or any bookstore, if you can subscribe to High Times they have good articles but most of the magazine is advertising the "best" strain or "most popular" strain among growers.

    Read up online and determine what works for you.

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