growing magic mushrooms??

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  1. ok so what i did was i took dirt from outside added water so it would be moist and then i put it into a cup and added 4 ML of cubensis spores from my syringe and i put the clear cylofoam crap on top of it sure enough 4 days later mycellium is starting to build its not clear white yet but you can see it is it possible that this method will work?? anyone try it ??
  2. i don't really think you can talk about this on this forum.

    and if you can it definitely doesn't belong in general.

    go to and ask the question you have there. and please delete this thread.
  3. Suuuuureeee its white.
  4. You would probably get more responses in the Pandora's Boxsection.

    As for your method, I highly doubt it will work. The reason is, one of the most important key factors in growing shrooms is sterilization; protecting your spores from contaminants is vital. If you just grabbed random dirt from the ground, you were not using proper sterilization methods.

    I will bet money that your mycelium will be ruined with contaminants within a couple of weeks if not, days.

    You can check out some youtube videos that show you step by step how to properly grow shrooms with the PF Tek (Psylocybe Fanicus Technique). It seems hard at first, but once you watch them a few times, it will be cake.

    Here the first part of a four part series; this is probably the best guide to the PF Tek:

    [ame=]YouTube - Let's Grow Mushrooms! pf tek part 1[/ame]

    I plan on ordering my spore syringes and mushroom grow kit pretty soon (unless I make my own grow kit).
  5. I tried and failed horribly. They weren't sterile, mold and mildew grew and who knows what else. I probably save more money just buying them, then what it would take to grow. Although I only eat them once or twice a year... at the very most.

  6. very simple steps idk how you could fuck it up :confused:
  7. Its easy to get contaminated.You will lose alot before you get the hang of it.

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