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Growing Like There's No-Till-Morrow

Discussion in 'Organic Grow Journals' started by FlexedDabs, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Check out the trichomb growth on the Fans that are stretched away from the the man flower, shes gonna be a frosty one :)
  2. Update:

    Growing like crazy!

    Group shot 8/26

    Diesel is looking good...
    Though, I accidentally topped her while trying to train the main branch.

    I did some more LST on the GG. She is the only one throwing pistols.


    Bubblelicious before training

    Bubblelicious After training

    The two in 5 gallon pots are coming along. This first one is RQD2 who survived a caterpillar topping.



    This is the Kush Auto. It's under attack by fungus gnats. Thus the potatoes

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  3. #63 FlexedDabs, Sep 1, 2018
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    The girls in the 20 gallon pots are doing great. The ones in the 5 gallon pots are not doing so great. Let's get into it!

    Starting off with the GG at day 31. She started throwing pistols yesterday, day 30. I was hoping for another week of veg before flower started, but she is pretty bushy already!



    Next up, the Diesel! She has been chugging right along. Because the GG is starting to flower I assume this one is not far behind. I decided to do one last LST before she buds up.





    Bubblelicious is one of the 20 gallon gals. I have had no problems with her the entire grow. She is a lighter color than the other plants, but seems healthy. She looked like she just started to throw pistols, Day 31.
    After her initial LST, I have not done much to her other than water.



    Now the crap begins to hit the fan. I have been dealing with these stupid fungus gnats on the Kush. I also had her too close to the lights which got her a little cooked. Overall, not looking good. Here's a pic. Any ideas?


    Last up is the abused, but ever vigilant RQD2.


    Thanks for stopping by!
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  4. Update:

    The girls have been growing like mad. These autos are something else! I'm following MOFOs watering schedule as best I can. Keeping the soil moist without run off while watering by hand is tricky.

    I had to remove the Kush as it was infested with fungus gnats. Now that she has been gone for almost a week, the Gnats are pretty much gone. She is not dead yet though. I stuck her outside... We will see how long the wife is okay with that...

    I did a good amount of defoliation on both Diesels and the GG. I felt that I had too many tops and once the buds start to swell I was worried they would be crowded and rot.

    GG before and after:


    Diesel before and after:


    RQD2 before and after


    Bubblelicious I have only been leaf tucking and LST


    Thanks for stopping by!
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  5. wow your plants look amazing, I have not had muck luck with gg.
    out of 8 seeds only 2 of them have germinated but its good to know how big they can grow
    growing some auto's while I sort my English og reg out as this could take me 8 weeks from seeds to start flowering
  6. Who was the breeder of your GG seeds?
    What is your germination method?

    These are from FastBuds and I have nothing but good things to say about them. My buddy and I have a 100% germination rate on them.

    Growing Like There's No-Till-Morrow
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  7. hi FlexedDabs,
    they are GG from FastBuds.
    I picked up a pack of 5 and got an extra 3
    dropped some of them in water for 24 hours and used the wet kitchen roll between plates, 2 of the seeds gernated in a few days and I was very impressed but thats the problem 1 weeks later no more did germinate so used the last 4 seeds in cup of water and wet kitchen roll but none sproted.

    any case dropped my 13 English Og seeds in water and a few hours later, placed between the wet kitcken roll and all 13 sproted :)
    in a few days and they look heathy and happy so not to worried about the GG, guest somtimes you get a bad batch.
  8. Two days after defoliation on the GG and Diesel; one day on the Bubblelicious.









    Group shot

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  9. Dang bro your Fast Buds’ GG looks amazing! You did a great job on the training. I’m anxious to see how your GG compares to the ones I’m growing. Nice work — very nice!

    What’s your estimated total yield for all of it combined?

    “Tyranny anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere.” — someone awesome
  10. Well, I started with a total room goal of 4-6 zips... I think I might get that from the GG alone. So I have no idea. 4 is the minimum I need to get me to next harvest,so the rest is just extra smoke! Lol

    What is your guess looking at the room?
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    I'm growing GG4 from nirvana. They changed the name to "Original Glue" tho. I've been wanting to run some autos next run with some photos and have a 1 tent, 8 week perpetual grow. Let the autos flower, photos veg, then harvest autos, and flip photos. And then do it all again . That's my plan. Not sure how its going to work but its the plan for my next run. Anyways ill definitely be watching to see how the gg and bubbliscious turns out
  12. For the entire room? Oh man....I’m gonna go with 10-11oz.

    “Tyranny anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere.” — someone awesome
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  13. Who doesn't like some GG4!? It will be interesting to see how the flavor of the auto differs from the photo version I love so much.

    When I first started I was thinking about a rotation like you described, but if I get anywhere near 10 oz in 2-3 months, I'm just going to stick with autos.

    Someday I'm going to have to grow out all the photo seeds... No time soon tho, just got a new shipment of Mephisto Illuminautos. I had the entire next round of strains planned, now that might be out the window.
  14. 10 oz 2 to 3 months would be great. I dunno if I'm ready to go full auto yet. I did just order some susper skunk auto fems tho, so I'm 5 or 6 weeks ill be popping those.. illuminautos. What a great name
  15. I'm going to attempt to get updates posted more frequently. Here are today's pics





    Group shot

    Attached Files:

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  16. Oh, I almost forgot, Mephisto Illuminautos came in the mail yesterday. Amazingly fast, order placed Friday, got seeds Tuesday.


    These guys know their customers. Who else send gummies!?!?
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  17. Update:

    I got a humidifier because my RH is 30-35%. It does not seem to be doing anything with the negative pressure of the room. I feel like it just goes right out the filter.

    Here are the girls today!

    20180914_072408.jpg 20180914_072316.jpg

    20180914_071800.jpg 20180914_071830.jpg

    20180914_072038.jpg 20180914_071940.jpg


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  18. Magnificent

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