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  1. Hi, my friend and I have set up a grow tent ( a 4x4 reflective lining) and we set up the lamp inside to make sure the lightbulb would work, the lightbulb we used was a Metal Hallide 400w bulb, but after about 6 min on, it stopped working, the bulb doesnt look burnt though, oh and the lamp we got also came with a high pressure sodium bulb, so my question is, why does the MH bulb not work anymore? did it get too hot? not enough energy to support the bulb( we are using an extension cord)? or are MH bulbs meant to be used during the budding process? any info will be greatly appreciated!
  2. does the hps still work?if not it could be your ballast,and the mh bulb is used for the veg stage and the hps for flowering,although you can use the hps for both stages.
  3. yes the HPS still works, do MH lights need a 'burn in' period?
  4. not that i have ever hered of.i used mh for veg on this grow i pluged it in and turned it on and that was that.maybe you should just return it it sound like it might be faulty.
  5. has anyone here experianced a MH bulb overheating? thats my best guess, but if HPS lights work for every stage i guess ill use that, does it create good bud?
  6. Is your ballast switchable? Check to make sure it is set to the correct setting.

    If the ballast isn't switchable, then one of the bulbs needs to be a conversion bulb (made to work in a different ballast).

    If neither, then something's mixed up.

    Avoid extension cords unless they are heavy gauge wire and rated for what you're using them for.
  7. sounds like u have an unswitchable 400w HPS ballast and tried to put a MH in it...
  8. well the MH came with the unswitchable ballast plus HPS bulb so i figured we could use the MH for flowering, so you guys suggest i just use HPS? i guess the MH is pointless now
  9. Yeah sounds like you tried to put a MH in a unconvertable HPS ballast, bit of a waste of money bit you learned a lesson, prepare to make many more mistakes - and be good to your last remaining bulb! Yes - i fully recommend using your HPS from start to finish
  10. thanks for your input guys!
  11. A MH and HPS light are different and if you tried to light a MH bulb with a HPS Ballast you will blow the bulb

    HPS Bulbs need a ballast that has an Ignitor to light the bulb, MH does not use an Ignitor to light it.

    Look on the ballast and it should say light only with a __________ Watt Lamp

    If the ballast was switchable MH/HPS there would be a switch for you to flip and would then need the have the correct bulb in the hood or reflector

    A proper MH Bulb will hit the Kalvin range of around 5000+ for Vegative Cycle in a plant

    A proper HPS Bulb will hit the Kalvin range of around 2700+ for Flowering Cycle in a plant

    If you have the money to spend and want to use both the MH and the HPS then thats great.

    Years back many growers did not want to spend extra money on a 2nd ballast system so the just used HPS for both plant cycles. Plus the fact that HPS puts out more Lums

    I hope this information helped you :bongin:

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