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  1. hello i am new to this forum and i kept seeing this site when i would google so here i am and i need some help

    i am about to start growing and would like to know if anyone has had any experience growing with led lights i like that they keep down on heat and electricity for the obvious reasons but if they suck then thats that

    ive heard that they are pretty good but i would rather hear it from someone who has used them and knows its a garage grow about 3x3 and a hieght of whatever it needs to be i guess so yea just any help avalible would be great everybody here seems cool and knowledgable
  2. I'm currently in a 2nd grow with a 90w Gen3 UFO LED light and I couldn't be happier with the plant so far. about 1 month from harvesting and she is over 5ft tall with well over 40 bud sites. I supplemented it with some CFLs for good measure ;)

    I really hope to have pics of the results in a month or so.
  3. There are more than a few LED grows on G.C., I advise doing a search, as not all the growers will see your post.
    Your typically going to get 2 neg growers who haven't grown with LED or did a grow 2years plus ago with the 1st gen LED's Vs. the 1 grower who has had recent LED grow expierance with current LED's.
    Here's a freebie for you & one more the rest is up to you :)
    Excellent for small grows like your planning, other wise traditional type grow lighting performs better Vs. start up costs.

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