Growing La Woman out in Cow Town. . .

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  1. Wat is up GC???

    Little background on setup ect.

    Veg Area
    Soil grower!!!
    a little under 1metre squared of floor space and nearly 2metre's in height coverd in mylar with 2 300watt 6400K blue CFL's in an envirolight double reflector and 2 125watt CFL's just hanging(much like myself) for supplemental side lighting. Totalling in the region of 45000L.

    this area would get to about 32 degrees C without my 5" extractor fan which is wired up to a wireless digital room stat which will cut the fan in if the temperature goes over preset temp...handy as.
    tower fan, hygrometer ect.
    once out of late prop i will be vegging/flowering in 10 or 15L pots (only 1 transplant in life this way)

    Flower Area
    over 1 metre squared floor space and over 1.5 metre's of 'grow' height to play with, room coverd in white sheeting. 600watt digital poot light with 600w hps lamp (strictly flowering specrum) and a mini grostar reflector (this will be first grow with this) ,cooled with 6" TT extractor fan once again on a cooling stat (this one is programmable so heat can be preset in room to change to mimic good old' nature) fan, hygrometer blah blah blah

    X6 La Woman (martian mean green x la confidential) feminised of course!

    3 were planted a week ago (2 of which sprouted and are now loving it) and another 3 a couple of days later. they are coming to the end of the seedling stage and will be transplanted in a week or 2 which is when the fun really starts
    will be chillin here most of the time, when i'm not showing others grow love. standard. and will be updating dudes' as much as pos

    criticism more than welcome here:smoke: let us crack on. . .
  2. [​IMG]
    4 days old

    8days old


    happy plants
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    heres a little of what i have achieved in the past, various grows








    and finally first ever grow (you have to laugh at this one:D)
  4. forgot to say, if anyone has any questions... just ask
  5. Lookin/soundin pretty good!

    You obviously know what youre doin!

    Im in!

  6. How was that smoke from the first grow? Any pics of that bud?

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