Growing Kush. Help?

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  1. I recently bought a dime of regular Kush and there were 4 seeds in there(wow). I'm hoping at least one of these will grow, and I'm giving them to a friend of mine to grow indoors. He has the right type of light, a flowerpot, and a couple fans.
    Suggestions? I'd like to know what soil you experienced growers out there prefer, how often to water it, if I need to give it miracle-gro or something like that, etc. When it comes to growing I'm an absolute beginner, so any and all suggestions that are helpful are greatly appreciated. Don't make fun of me for not knowing what I'm talking about, I'm pretty sure I know how much of a noob I am more than you do.
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    ps. "a dime of kush" with seeds sounds a bit sketchy. I doubt its actually kush, but grow it anyway you might get some decent bud if you read a bit.
  3. I thought so at first too, but this is definitely stronger than the corn I was doing last weekend, and the seeds are nice and dark. I'll still try and grow them.
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    a good soil to use is foxfarm, it has everything u need u can get in just about any hydro store. water when soil is dry about one inch down, dont give it miracle-gro, go to a hydro store and get some nutriants and hygrozym or at least thrive-alive
    at least 1gal pot per plant.
    the soil should feed it up to 3 months and i usally add the hygrozym once aweek or one dose every 2-3 waterings (u can add every watering) and a 1/4 strenth nutriant solution every 2 weeks or so
    if the ph isnt out of control in the water (pick up a ph meter) the pot ash in the soil will corect it, the water run off from soil should be mid 5's to mid 6's (the ph)
    u want arount 10% of the water to run off to help from toxic salt build up
    and a 24h- 18h light cycle dont shortan the cycle after its been est. unless u want to flower
    flush the last 2-3 weeks befor u cut
    when alittle more then half the hairs have turned orange ur ready to cut
  5. Alright, thanks for the tips and information! I'll post another thread when they start growing.

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