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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by joebob13, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Okay, here is my inquiry. I am a casual user that enjoys weed a lot. I am not a dealer, and have never dealt in my live, nor do I plan on it. Is it possible for someone like me to grow a couple of plants casually, coming in with limited information on growing, a limited budget, and limited space? Is it possible to grow a couple of easy plants with say all feminized seeds? Is it at least fun to do as long as I'm getting cheap weed? I don't even care so much about the bud's quality... I'd just love to grow an ounce or two of my own.
  2. For your budget you are going to want to use CFL's. They are cheap and work good. the rule of thumb is 100 watts for the first plant, then about an extra 20 for each that follows. Im growing 5 plants off of 180 watts. Yeah, it shouldn't be too hard at all, im currently on my first grow and only had one complication, and that was the the miracle grow soil i was using had too many nutes for the seedlings, so i flushed the soil out and they sprang right back to life. Since this is your first grow i would say use bag seed. You have a 50/50 chance of it being female, but atleast you wont waste your money on expensive seeds if you mess up.

    As for limited space, check out the LST thread stickied at the top of this forum.
  3. Thanks for the useful info. By bagseed, you mean seeds collected from weed I've smoked? As a newer smoker and someone thats only ever bought very high end weed, I've literally never had any seeds in my bags. My dealer always ousts them. Is there any other good places for seeds? Are the online sites such as Dr. Chronic even trustworthy at all?
  4. find the schwag seeds trust me. if you want to have a fun grow dont waste your money on seeds. im doing a fun grow right now with cfl lights with bag seed. im happy i didnt drop money on some exotic stuff
  5. All right guys, thanks for the advice. Now I have a new question for everyone...

    Are there any plants I can grow outdoors at this time of year? We're talking Philly, New York, New Jersey ish area here.
  6. very very doubtful until like springtime/summertime.

    as for your other idea though, its a great idea. bagseed plus some cheap CFL's will get you exactly what you want: quality, cheap, homegrown weed. trust me it's 10x better when you grow it yourself. you will feel a new sense of self worth hahaha.
  7. Ha, I know what you mean - I homebrew practically everything else I do, why not my weed? However, I am living with my parents right now and I can't grow without them knowing - it just wouldn't be right. And no, my parents don't approve of my use of MJ so they would NOT let me.
  8. The answer to all of these questions, except one, is definitely "yes." Not sure what your idea of a cheap budget is, a lot depends on what kind of space you might have available in which to grow, venting, etc.

    The question to which the answer is not "yes" is if you can grow with limited information on growing. The fix for that costs nothing, just do a lot of reading here at GC and other sites you may find. Check the grow guides and other sticky posts here in the beginner's forum, and the links in my sig as well. Educating yourself will be your best investment in growing weed. From then on out it definitely is fun (you probably will love to just sit and look at the marvelous plants you've grown).
  9. if you want som good bud to smoke, go with lowrider#2 or masterlow. seed to harvest is about two months, there dwarf plant so they stay under two feet tall
  10. Thanks guys,

    I rigged up a computer case for a stealth grow today. I'm going to go with CFL's and soil. Lowriders would be awesome but how safe is it really to order from Dr. Chronic? Surely the gov. has to be picking up on this shit? I'm in the USA by the way... also, I live with my dad, so how is he not going to notice the package? Does the package need signed for? If not, I can probably get it discreetly delivered..
  11. i just harvested my outside grow from this summer frist time growing and i say weed is a weed it just wants to live it ant a mircale to grow it so go for gold my friend
  12. Congrats on your harvest! How much did you get?

    Also, how does Dr. Chronic disguise packages etc.?
  13. just letting you know that if your parents go in your room much they WILL smell the pot growing so take that into concidertation and you should read as much as you can about growing on these forums. i dont know if it possible buy a window grow (if its safe) is probaly your best chance of succes and i would defitnly try to get some dwarf seeds.
  14. I plan on building a carbon filter before growing anything. I'm also growing other exotic plants to cover up any smell.

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