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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg I'm growing in hydro soil (coco coir) I'm not under watering or over watering, and I'm having an issue with my new Jack Herer plant. Everything was fine, then the first set of non colytdons leaves came in and grew nicely. I noticed them getting lighter and I assumed it was just the leaf growing and becoming a leafy color, but then it started turning yellow (first pic below) and then the very tips began to take on a greyish hue and the leaves began to curl upward. I thought it was lighting, but my T5 is probably not strong enough to do that. I thought PH was a possibility, so I fixed it as best I could, but the plant seemed to ignore it, and curled even more until it started to fold over (second pic below). I've been looking all over and haven't seen anything like this, I have seen tips turn yellow and curl up, but not quite like this. Any ideas? image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  2. Looks to me like it has to be something with your nutes. I would flush it out and only add a tiny amount of nutes
  3. It can't be nutes since hydro soil requires more added nutrients than regular. The problem began when the only nutrients the plant was receiving was from crushed eggshells mixed in the soil (cinnamon to but cinnamon lacks nutritional value and only helps with root rot and root growth). A friend of mine thinks iron and copper deficiencies, so I'll give that a shot. But lmk if you think otherwise

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