Growing issues: main stem

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by James kinnamon, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Main stem is thin to first node then is twice as thick, looks deformed but healthy. Is there a problem or will the lower stem get thicker to match.
  2. Na she be right mate will thicken up :) mabe also try putting bit of soil n build it up bit closer to first node as will shoot extra roots out of whatever is covered which may also help it put on bit of width
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  3. You were absolutely right ...... She's a thick healthy blueberry girl and full of tasty buds about 3wks away from my first harvest.
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  4. Good to her mate always a great feeling when your getting ready to chop :) hate fact I get choppers regret after cutting them down though haha hate waiting for them to look all nice n juicy again I'm about 4 weeks off chopping my next lot a ak47 and super skunk :) never grown either n I'm loving how fast both put flower on :):):)
  5. I think I'm going to stick with growing auto's . Pretty simple yea, i found myself starting to feel bad and I haven't done anything. kills me
  6. Growing weed in general is easy, Autos are the same as photoperiod plants in needs.
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    Hello everyone,

    I was glad to see this post. I have the same issue with most of my sativas in my outdoor soil grow. They are just a few weeks old and the stems are normal and green at the soil line, with no discoloration, but they swell up considerably after the first or second node. Last year my largest plant came down with a case of *fasciation, which I had never seen before and ended up destroying the plant right at flowering time (the branches withered one by one), so I wondered if this could be the same thing. I am going to take 420tombs' advice and pile up more soil around the base to see if the plants send out roots or thicken up down there.

    *fasciation, not fascination. Weird as hell, look it up!

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