Growing Issues and Questions *PiCs*

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by CHRONIKKKK, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. All right, I have a few question but first pics:


    Ok; does this plant look healthy? Why is the stem red? I'm not sure if it needs a fan yet. Also the light I just started using is in one of the pics. Will it work?
  2. the stem is red cause its a baby and healthy. It looks fine, whatever light ur using i would suggest switching to a higher powered one once ur plant gets to about 8 inches tall...or maybe even 10 and then keeping the light on it 24/7
  3. LMAO the stem is red. im not even sure why that was so hilarious. sick looking plant =D
  4. yeah thanx a lot for the info .. and i got anotha question .. can anyone tell if its male or female ... how do you tell and if it is male is there ANY use to it whatsoever .. liek for anything ?
  5. males form oval sacks at the part where the plant branches off...females have usually two white hairs coming out. You can use the male to pollinate the female if you wish to produce seeds for future use...otherwise you can scam someone on the street sayin that you have a mj plant *Not RECOMMENDED* but it works :D
  6. Fuck seeds....use a female as a mother to an army of clones
  7. Killing it would ACTUALLY be worse than killing a human baby.. He'll i'd sacrafice whoever posts after me's kids. Please don't let this be a double post...

  8. HIGH All, so what's the purpose on keeping the lights on for 24/7? Just curious as I've never done it.
  9. What kind of light is that? I don't even know it doesn't say.. does it work?

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