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Growing inside in tent, what about odor?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Uncle Scrog, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. If you have a proper tent, similar to secret jardin, and you have´nt saved money when it comes to ventilation and carbon filters, will the exhaust air smell like herb when the plants are flowering inside the tent? If you put your nose right in front of the exhaust pipe, will it never smell?
  2. Ofcourse it would smell. The air being pulled out had not been cleaned
  3. But often the carbon filter is inside the tent, and outside the tent in the end of a vetilaiton pipe you have a fan pulling air out. Then the air has been cleaned..
  4. All plants will smell some more bit if your in a gay law state it's smart to get a filter

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  5. What are your experiences to this question?
  6. it will fucking reek to the high heavens man! Will it never smell wtf does that mean? it will always smell unless carbon scrubbed or the like. Admittedly during veg there will be no smell but when they start to bud (which I imagine is what you want) it will STINK!

    odour heat and people will get you caught.
  7. You said you said you didnt have money for a filter. If you have your filter hooked up then yeah your good
  8. nice grow bro :p
  9. Have you, smoke´ntoke99 grown in a tent or something similar while using a active carbon filter?
  10. If you dont use a carbon filter or ozone generator your tent/house will smell. IT's a MUST for growing, especially in a non medical place.
  11. Nice grow who we'll must be me lol

    Yeah I would not chance it unless your room is sealed no air in or out and that's tough to do unless you got some coin to drop into your grow

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  12. Dude you make no sense.... you have a grow tent, with flowering plans in it, i understand that. Now do you have a carbon filter?

    Carbon filter 》fan 》out of tent.

    Fan pulling air through carbon filter blowing it out tent = no smell
  13. Yes I have a filter and it works great I just don't want all my house and clothes to smell

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  14. Who are you talking to...
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    Yes filter 2 hood 2 fan 2 window no smell 60 bucks on amazon or 440 fan filter combo 130

    Thought I was helping some one scrog guy

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  16. I think I´m making sense. I´m about to buy all grow equipment in a week. So I´m asking, If I use a carbon filter, will it really not smell in my apartment, or will it just smell less? Is there enough smell for anyone to notice?
  17. This.
  18. No. get a carbon filter and make sure the cfm of the fan and filter are correct for your room size and you will have no smell
  19. if you have a sensitive sense of smell you will always notice it in the room you have your tent in. outside the room and certainly outside the home can be completely free of smell if a quality filter is used

    not all carbon filters are of equal quality. some can be proper shit. unfortunately price does not depict quality

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