Growing Inside A Drawer Chest- Need Help

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    Hello, I was planning to grow a few plants inside this drawer chest. I will remove the drawers, but let the outside panels stay, so it looks like a normal drawer chest, but with no drawers. This way I will be able to use all the space inside the drawerchest. I'm gonna drill two holes in the back of the drawerchest for the two 100mm fans, and put cat litter charcoal filter over, for the smell.
    - Two 100mm tow fans in the back of the drawer chest, to blow air out, and in. The fans are made for bathrooms.
    - PC fans placed randomly inside the drawer chest for air circulation.
    - 400w HPS for flowering. Any cheap alternatives?
    - 400w MH for growth. Any cheap alternatives?
    - Reflector
    with 400w I get around 10700 lumens per square foot, which I think is good. The alternative is 250w, which only gives me around 6000 lumens per square foot.
    Strains and growing:
    - I'm really unsure of what kind of strain I should use because of the very limited space. Got any tips to strain and how many plants I could fit? What do you think the yield will be?
    - Can I just grow the plant using the paper tower method and normal soil? Or do I need some kind of fancy and expensive watering technique?
    - I was planning to buy heat shield isolation of some sort, or could I just go with normal aluminium foil?
    - How should I deal with the watering?
    Got any tips? First time growing  :smoke:

  2. IMO I would not put a hps or mh bulb in such a small spot they get to hot check out a led of big cfl they work great
    You think? LED is too expensive, I was going to buy GIB light bulbs. I could use a fan to blow the hot air around the bulb away though, or out of the drawer chest
  4. They get super hot lol you can get a 300w led for like 150 or less on ebay full spec but that's my opinion a ps is more expensive
    Thank you very much for your tip! I guess I'll switch to several CFL 6500k bulbs for veg, and CFL 2700k for flowering. Does that sound better?
  6. Yeah I have seen great cfl grows

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