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Growing info....

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Peo, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. I've decided to start growing and I though that I'd share my "battleplan" so that you lot out there in stoner land can give me some pointers.....

    The area I'm growing in is 6ft tall x 4ft wide x 3ft deep (its a wardrobe) and the inner walls are white all over. The seeds I was going to use are on special offer here: http://www.cannabisheaven.co.uk
    But if anyone knows of somewhere better let me know.

    First I'm going to germinate my seeds between moist cotton wool in an air tight container, and plant them an inch deep in a plastic party cup in slightly moist potting compost. When they shoot I'll place them in the wardrobe using a 42W CFL hung just above the plant for 24 hours a day, and water them when the soil starts to dry out. I'll transfere them when they get to about 4" high to a larger clay pot and start feeding them miricalgrow once a week, leaving them on the 24hr light until they get to around 1ft high. Then I'll start them on the 12/12 cycle, when its apparent what sex I have, I'll destroy the males. And when the white strands start turning orange/brown they're ready for harvesting.

    Is there anything wrong with what I'm going to do? Any suggestions are very welcome.
  2. Also, How much skunk (in weight) can I expect to get from a plant?
  3. That all sounds pretty good to me. Just make sure you germinate the seeds somewhere nice and warm ( 70-80 degrees) and plant them as soon as the sprout appears.
    I grow with HPS. not fluoros, so not sure about the yeild. Using roughly the same method as you, but using HPS for flowering it would be about one or two oz. (dried).
    Good luck!
  4. Yes..use a HPS...and donot "destroy" males...make bubble out of your dried out males within an hour....4-5x more potent than your female colas
  5. Wow, 4-5x more potent then the female colas eh? Do you have any credible links that can back that up? I can't just take someone's word on something like that.

    I also read in your other thread about hash from bubblers with 60% THC? The highest percentage of THC I've seen from one strain is 19%....unless your talking about keif(sp?) or making concentrated hash from the best nugs you can get your hands on then I find it unrealistic that you can get that high on useless male leaves. Only good hash I've had is made from buds, and all that did was knock me on my ass and I slept like a newborn.
  6. Hash is way more potent in THC than female buds,
    The only thing thats more potent then hash is Hash oil,
    I smoke hash all the time cos its the only thing we can get and believe me its stronger,but in saying that i prefer smoking buds cos theyve got a nicer taste and aroma and the stone is way different from hash.
    An average hash joint for me would consist of a lot of hash so a quarter/7g would get me about 12, 5"long thin joints and i would be absolutley stoned at the end of the night.If i wanna get really stoned i'd make hash+weed joints a.k.a "Cocktails"...............................HIGH!
  7. where i am hash is mixed with tar and boot polish.....ie most of the hash in Scotland........the only hash worth anything is pollen.....which is just that....pollen from the plant.....it just crumbles and doesn't need to be burned....it's allmost white..........a good grass joint is worth over 5 hash j's!!.....Peace out.....Sid
  8. Sid's dead right on this one. Tar + boot polish are some of the least scary things in the hash up here.Any effect you get fom this crap is probably down to Ketamine (cattle tranquilisers ). This seems as good a reason as any for growing your own.
  9. damn, that's just gross..I don't smoke hash very often.
  10. I dont smoke skunk very often, thats the reason for growing

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