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  1. Okay, so, obviously, because I'm here, I'm looking to grow indoors, but I've got a couple... complications....

    I don't want my parents to know, so I'm most likely growing it in the ceiling of my bands practice room (which is in the basement). There's only about one and a half feet of room. Would it still work? I mean, would the plant die in that cramp of conditions?

    I've got a couple of other questions, but I'm gonna re-read the guide too see if I can't answer those myself. I'll post them here if it doesn't.
  2. dude, thats a terrible idea, for a whole multitude of reasons.

    read the guide(s), see what all goes into even just a decent crop, and youll understand why this wont work. at all.
  3. it could work, but it wouldent be the best plant
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    I'm not looking for "the best plant". As long as it's decent, I'm cool with it. But what is wrong with that? I've looked at the "Grandpa's Guide" although I'm not all the way through reading it yet.

    Edit: Just realized who you are, green. What's up?
  5. "It wouldn't be the best plant" is an understatement, if it is even possible to grow a plant in your space... I would just wait until you can afford your own place and grow there (say in something at least the size of a mini fridge). Definitely not something a beginner grower should try and pull off.
  6. Two big problems with your plan:

    1) Don't grow in your parents' house. It's their house, not yours, and there is a risk that they could lose their house because of your grow. It isn't your house to gamble, don't do it.

    2) Putting that aside, it would take a lot of experience to grow a plant with any measurable yield in a 1.5 ft space.

    You need to wait until you have your own place and can dedicate the appropriate space to a grow.

  7. Not much more to say here. toasty pretty much covered it. To grow a plant in 1/5 ft space, you would want to start w/ clones for one, and you would flower them from day one which would give you a very poor yield.

    I also agree when it comes to growing in other's/parent's homes. Too much to put at risk. not a good idea IMHO.

  8. Okay. I had some bad advice then. Thanks everyone.

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