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  1. 2363504C-DDF8-4112-B3C6-CC6FFC4BC15F.jpeg 9F9A8C20-680D-400B-B5DD-19E99960B01C.jpeg I got 3 girls under a Gavita hps grow light in a decent size room don’t exactly know the strain as they were seeds lol but heres how they looking if u got any ideas or thoughts let me know ! the light currently at 600w should i up it a bit or leave as is !

    (ill upload pics of bud once light turns on)

    Running the sensi bloom Part A and B

    Big bud

    Bud candy

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  3. Thanks !
  4. As long as you have a fan blowing across the lamp to keep the heater cool keep that distance . I like everything im seeing . Please keep us posted . This yield will blow this website out . They will be switching back to hps after your done with these . If you already have a few harvest and know what you pull you can pull an experiment .
    5 gallon bucket . 5 pound bag sugar . few bags of ACTIVE yeast.
    No need to cover the bucket or anything . Home made co2 generator . See how much added yield you get .
    With your set up that co2 will make a difference for sure . Will the bucket system work people will be asking . It will for sure make co2. How much ? better then nothing . Replace the water sugar weekly . I hardly every say this . Im impressed i like your plants and hps is flooding them perfect.
    I want to see the monster yield in 7 or so weeks
  5. I only got that fan blowing atm but its pointed towards the light but still hits the plants so i think its good and yea sadly i got no co2 didn’t run it for this round maybe next one will be way better i got my other girls waiting for the flower room haha , Do u consider i turn the wattage of the light up or leave at 600W ? And i grown before so i got sum experience gonna be netting next round as well
  6. Crank that light . If you can handle the heat only. You should raise the light up another 18 inches .
    Its not worth it if the heat is an issue . keep it under 90 better 70 to 85 f
  7. cranked it to 750 and the room feels warm not hot but warm so i think i should be fine im ordering sum temp gauges mine broke so i dont know the temps in there currently but should be fine
  8. Thats how far the light is from them shouldn’t be a problem
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  9. Yes its a issue . See the curling leaves on the top ones ? Heat issue .
  10. Its called taco ing . Google it if you like. tacoing on cannabis plants .
    600 is best for you . Unless you can raise the light higher .
  11. ah ok i see what u mean ima keep it at 600 its doing good either way might switch to a led next grow i got one layin around 750W or so
  12. A41CE7B5-4D3A-437A-9AD1-389B2964B937.jpeg
    They look normal don’t they or u see the tacoing ? i may just be high or not lol
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  13. You wont get as much yield in your situation using led . Unless its a bar led . A QB board wont cut it in your situation . Led wont flood over large spaces only good for direct under the light growth
  14. Yeah i see slight taco ing . It will take a week or so for it to go away after going back to 600
  15. FFD94771-0A55-4722-A9E7-B6580B5D26D7.jpeg
    Its the bar leds like this one
  16. Those Gavitas have a huge amount of Infrared, and should be about 40 inches from the canopy. Maybe a bit less running at 600w, but not a lot. I run 2 of them at 1150w, but they are 40 inches from the canopy. I run both Gavita DE, and 1000w Hortilux HPS. Hortilux I run from 18in-24in. I also have a lot of fresh air exchange. Temps 84f at the leaves. I run in a big room, about 20 x 20, and 10ft ceilings. 75f lights off.
  17. Yea i can’t lift any higher so thats gonna be how it stays for now , needa do something to extract the hot out since its in a sealed room nd nowhere to escape
  18. Yeah those kick ass. But is it worth it for the costly upgrade ?
  19. Just get a cheap fan. Poke a hole in the room tent. The other side of the tent will have a hole to let air in .
    If you have questions how to make a cheap set up ask. For no light leaks .
  20. yeah was gonna do that , poke a hole and put sum type of tube so nothing goes in just out gonna do it soon

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