Growing indoors with sunlight!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ownage al, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Hey, I'm very pleased to say I have had some great results with a tomato kit + freshly germinated dank bagseed.

    I never thought I would be able to get them to sprout, but... What do you know?



    I didn't even think the first was going to sprout, so i had another germianted which i planted one day later, and I can already see it popping up.


    Edit: Its currently about 82.2 degrees where it sits, and about 76 in the room, it usually dips down to around 60 at nights, but... not for long
  2. That's "great results"? It's a nice start, but you are going to need more light and soon. Sunlight through a window is limited, both by the angle of the wall and roof overhang that limit the amount of sun exposure per day and also by the glass itself, many windows filter out "good" rays for MJ growing.

    Get some CFLs to extend the light to at least 18 hours a day.
  3. haha, well i didn't mean great results.... its only been about 3 days under light.. but a 4200 lumen* cfl is coming.
  4. Right on mang, keep us posted. Love the avie.
  5. Keep in mind lumen output is not the most important lighting factor, spectrum is. Make sure you supply a good variety of spectrum levels for optimum growth.
  6. Hey, I have pictures from when the other seedling has been growing.

    I know its usually not a good thing to have 2 seeds in one pot, due to the roots... but i actually think i may leave it until transplant and they are from the same bag of nuggets.

    Planted on saturday the 23rd, but basically have been growing for about 3-4 days with sunlight... hopefully cfl soon.

  7. looks good. Coming along nice. Good pics btw
  8. How about now? You can find them anywhere for a few bucks.
  9. haha sheesh, so much harsh negativity on my nice buzz :rolleyes:

    I picked up a 60w "cool white" I think it called, 200 or 300 watt equiv... 4200 lumens, Very nicee... for now atleast to keep these seedlings at bay...

    I also picked up an O2 cool fan from walmart for about 6 bucks.

    Pics will be up as soon as the upload with edit..



    Those temps arent right yet because i just put them there... its ~70 degrees
  10. Toasty is right, hes trying to get you setup properly before its too late.
    They are cheap, and can make all the difference. Sunlight wont last you very long at all.
    Got a fan on em yet? Never too soon for that either.
  11. Pics are up... and i have the light about one inch from the tip of the bulb to the plant.

    Does everyone think this is a correct distance?

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