Growing indoors in 70 days?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ganjabill, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, so In two days my seeds are arriving and ive got my stealth grow set up but... I have 70 days roughly to grow them from seed untill I have to leave for a month during summer.. Is this worthit? They are northern lights seeds and one feminized purple haze free. What ya think will I get mature enough bud? Im working with 300 watts of cfls for 2-3 plants.

  2. I'm almost at 63 days flowering, and that was with a few weeks veg too, i would say wait until you can have more time man. unless you feel like potentially having to harvest early and get not as good of bud as could be made by a more mature plant. i would say either have someone you trust look after them while you are away, you could try the subcool super soil mix and make it really easy, all you have to do is water it, that way a friend couldn't mess it up. just bring your stealth grow to a prearranged area, and try not to mess up the light cycle while doing it. or you could have someone come look after her without moving her.
    If at all possible try to add more lights, you will enjoy the results. even going for a 250 watt hps would be a nice upgrade.
    Happy growing
  3. If you go 12/12 from the get go, harvest prematurely and oven dry your buds, you might be able to smoke some before you leave.
    I say go for it, even if you fail to produce some super dank, you still get the experience of growing for 70 days.

    -happy growing
  4. Thanks guys so i guess ill plant the feminized one and flood it with all 10 cfls and veg for likew 2 weeks... then flower hopefully
  5. i think nl is only recommended to flower for 9 weeks, so you shouldnt have to cut much time off(if any) to get a good harvest

  6. That's nine weeks from when she shows preflowers, unless theyre autos. That's not including veg time, drying and curing.

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