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  1. Hello, i'm interested in growing marijuana indoors. I read a few articles online that there are some dangers to growing marijuana indoors such as exposure to mold, pesticides, and other chemicals that are used in grow ops. I have asthma and I read online that some people got really sick from just staying in the grow op for a short amount of time. I was wondering if it's a good idea to start my own grow house if I have asthma? How common are these risks? They said that about 40% of these grow ops had mold and other chemicals in the air which can make people sick. Is this common at all? I mean, do most people who work in large grow ops get sick often? Or does it depend on how the grow op was set up and the indoor air quality control? Here is one of the article that I read which sparked my concern:
  2. Probably less of an issue with hydro.
  3. Stop reading those Reefer Madness Articles. You'll be fine as long as your not using any poisons are you or your plant.

    That's article is full of shit, the mold is in the house not caused by the cannabis. If they're plants molded that bad it's caused by grower error. Which is a rare case to let it go so far, to where you'll start having health problems.
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  4. There should be nothing for you to worry about if you keep your grow area clean, have proper ventilation and air circulation.
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  5. As above, there are no pesticides unless you choose to put them there yourself. And mold wouldn't be anymore of a risk than having house plants.
  6. All grow ops require some form of extract venting

    this is your answer!

    if you have molds on the walls or even weed you are doing something very wrong

    over watering with zero venting ..imo

    keep cool and give it a try, its all in the venting

    good luck
  7. ya that is refer madness.

    mold is the grower's extreme neglect, and chemicals are your choice the plants just don't start producing them nor do they need them unless they are infested.
  8. .dblepost
  9. You can also often avoid harsh pesticides for better options, depending on what your problem is. The only things I've used so far are bacterial, like BT.
  10. Sounds like some bullshit dare would teach
  11. Thanks for the replies, wanted to hear what actual growers thought. Guess I could give it a try!
  12. And why would that be, please?

    Good lord.

  13. No dirt to foster microbes
  14. You and the world surrounding you is loaded with microbes. Microbes that if you didn't have you would die of disease if they weren't fighting off "bad" microbes.

    There is zero safer about your Hydro garden that uses chemical fertilizers over my organic garden that uses none.

    But I don't want to get into a whole big thing either. My burgers are ready.

  15. It's less likely that RO water from my tap would expose my plants to dangerous microbes/pests than dirt from my yard. I didn't think this was controversial.

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