Growing indoors and outdoors at the same time???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by zimstoner, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hi guys. Im a newbie here and i hope i have put this post in the right place. Im looking at doing a bit of home growing- nothing big just for home use.

    I live in a little country called Zimbabwe in Africa and our power situation here isnt the best- sometimes having 8 hour power cuts at a time. We have a generator but it would only come on in the evenings.

    So my question would be- can i grow my stuff outdoors during the day and putting it back in the cupboard in the evening to have CFLs etc on during the night. If we have a power cut our generator comes on and the lights will remain on.

    Our days here the sun rises round 6ish and is down around 6.30 pm.

    Secondly if I do grow this way, will the potency of the grow be as good as just indoor growing.

    I thank you fellow tokers in advance :)
  2. You should just hold off tell summer to grow. You can try it that way butni think youll stress the plant out and you will too. Your switching the light to much that way. If you could set it up using ho florescent lights so your generator kicks in as soon as the power goes out you could grow that way. But with hids youll blow them up in no time.

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  3. Bro do it. It will be danker then just growing it under some cfls. The sun is a very strong source of light. The way I see it just think of the sun and a very very expensive grow light thats free a couple hours of the day.
    Ive done this many times and have had awesome results.
    I use sunlight whenever its available to me. Then when the sun goes out I put my plants (not only MJ but cherry tomatoes and jalapeno plants) all under my 400w led for a couple more hours. 20/4
    Never had an issue with potency and I am very surprised how people never tried it but know all about switching between natural and artificial light.

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