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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I have finally ran out and looking to grow again, but I have a new neighbor, which is a cop with a K9 unit. I had a tent that I grew everything in with a carbon filter, but even with that I had some smell when I walked into the apartment and worse when it came to the end of flowering, trimming, drying etc.

    So I thought I would ask everyone on here, whats my better route, buy again or grow? I really want to make sure if I grow there is no chance of the dog catching it and going nuts. He lets his dog run around all the time up and down the hallways.

  2. I wouldn't chance it, especially if you're not in a legal state. I may be wrong but I bet the dogs nose works better than a carbon scrubber would.
  3. if you're in a legal state then the cop won't even bother you.

    If your not in a legal state that is a bad idea. ... or just get a better filter
  4. There is absolutely no chance of keeping the smell from the dog. But is it a sniffer dog? Different dogs have different roles. Some dogs won't be trained to sniff out marijuana. I mean if he's a bomb dog you probably wouldn't have to worry. In the UK spaniels are mostly used for drug searches. What breed is it?
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    Trust me not worth the stress, there was a chase in my neighborhood and the police had dogs out looking for the guy jumping fences in my back yard. I have never been as scared as I was then. Goldgrower brings up a good point police dogs are trained for different purposes. Plus if I'm correct, in the US a officer would have to file an investigation and get a warrant to use the dog.
  6. He's been stationed there to keep an eye on you!!... Jk lol. Be safe bro.

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  7. Get to know the neighbor a bit and see if you can find out what the dog is trained for? Start growing in a different location? Or just start buying again. Really it all comes down to your comfort level, and if the risk is worth the reward or not.
  8. as the guy is new to the area, make an effort to go say hi and ask about what he does in general conversation. Try to be subtle though and maybe don't ask about the dog on the first conversation unless he comes up. If you're friendly with him he's less likely to find you suspicious and finding out what the dog is used for would be valuable information
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    My neighbor and friend is a cop. Down the block is the k9 officer and his drug sniffing dog brek. He's such a good boy, always giving my kids a face full of licks to get the chocolate off. He really likes being scratched right by his tail. My neighbor has been in my house numerous times. The k-9 officer and brek have been in my driveway talking to my neighbor cop. Small town Buy a quality filter, have a back up and have it set up correctly. Don't give them a reason to be suspicious. I've known these guys most if my adult life. It would be suspicious if I blew them off. Its funny when my buddy pulls up his chair on my patio, leans it right next to my grow not knowing all that separates him from cannabis plants is a stud wall, siding, insulation and some plywood sheeting. And a damn good carbon filter set up. Of course brek doesn't get to come inside or that close. First and foremost he's not being told to search. K9s work on a command and reward system usually. Don't give the officer a reason to give a command.
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  10. in an apartment, I would be more concerned with the building manager or landlord. If there's an emergency and you're not around, they could come inside without warning. Something such as a busted water pipe, gas leak, fire alarm, etc.

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  11. Hey everyone,

    First off, thank you for the responses! I will try to answer all the questions I see.

    I am not in a legal area. I have not made any conversation with him but I do know its a German Shepard. I live in a city where the dog is part of the police force and there is no airport or anything like that near me. So I am assuming drug, but not 100% sure whatsoever. I will for sure try to make some convo, as that is a great idea!

    That is a great point about the building manager or landlord. I really never even thought about that.


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