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  1. hi, im growing mine indoors, I have it by my window, when its sunny outside I open the blinds to let in light and open the window to let in fresh air/wind. I have a 50 watt regular light bulb hanging over it for heat, when it gets dark outside I close the blinds/window and turn on the heater to prevent my room from getting too cold, and I turn the light off, and leave it off till the next day at 7:30am. Im using I think Miracle grow for the soil, it says it helps with flowering, bringing out the true colors, and that it feeds it for up to six months. now the question that I have is, is there anything that I could buy thats not so expensive to help it come out better?
  2. Please dont get mad, but you need to do some more reading on this matter. If this is all the money and effort you are willing to invest, I wouldnt expect much. But have fun growing anyways. :D:
  3. you need more then just some sunlight and a normal light id go buy urself 2 CFL lights then 27watts is the smallest they will cost around 10-15$ get 2 at 5000+lumen for veg and then get 2700 lumens again 2 of these for flowering. dont rely on the sun for your light if your doing it indoors
  4. ouch, yea growing will cost u a little more time and effort than what u got going on now. what about nighttime? do you sleep in that room?
  5. yes I sleep in that room, so can you explain to me what light bulbs I need to buy, hopefully theyre not that expensive including the lamp that holds the bulb
    p.s. also I dont know what 5000+lumen is, or 2700
  6. Then def .keep researching.

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